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Are you shopping for a robotic vacuum cleaner or mop, but the price tag of the major brands has you running scared? Enter the technology of ILIFE. At a greatly reduced price, these little monsters can get your house clean just like the big dogs but at a fraction of the price.

We recently reviewed the ILIFE V7s, which is a unit that both vacuums and mops. We did receive the unit free from the distributor, but that doesn’t mean this won’t be an honest review. We put this guy through all the paces in a home with pretty dirty floors covered in long hair and debris to see how it would perform.

After running down the battery in the first pass (it took at least 4 hours for the battery to run down), these super-dirty floors were pretty clean. In fact, we were impressed. We expected less performance from a lesser brand name, but we didn’t get it. Instead, it got every speck from the floors!

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Quick Stats

  • Automatic roller brush
  • Mopping feature
  • Dust box capacity: 500mL, or just over 2 cups
  • Water storage tank: 450mL, just under 2 cups
  • HEPA filter
  • Color: Pink
  • Height: 83mm, or 3.27”


  • Does a good job on hardwood and tile
  • Won’t bang into furniture hard enough to do damage
  • Runs about 4 hours on a charge
  • Lots of options on the remote
  • Shuts down if it gets stuck (like over electrical cords or under the edge of the fridge)


The only real issue we found with the ILIFE V7 is that it doesn’t have its own barriers. In other words, if you don’t want it going into a room, you’ll need to block off that room. This is especially a problem if you have it mopping your kitchen floor and you don’t want it also mopping your living room carpet.

While this is an annoying feature, it’s really easy to remedy. We just took a few items and put them in the way. A shoe will do, a pot or pan, a trash can or just about anything else you can stick in its path. The items don’t have to be heavy – just in the way.

While this may seem like a big hassle, keep in mind the other robotic vacs you can buy that have the barrier feature cost hundreds of dollars more.


The V7 did a great job picking up hair!

Does it work randomly?
Like other robotic vacs, this one does move in a haphazard pattern throughout the home. This means it takes longer to clean than if it were to go back and forth in a more logical way. You may watch it dance around a piece of dirt for a while, but it will eventually get there. For this reason, it does take quite a while to get the job done. The good news is – the job does get done while you do other things!

ILIFE V5 vs V7?
The big difference between these two models is the cleaning power. The V5 is smaller and doesn’t have quite as much suction power as the V7. In other words, the V7 does a better job on all types of floors.

How do I charge it?
The V7 comes with a charging dock, or you can charge it by plugging the cord directly into the vacuum cleaner unit itself. If it runs out of power, it will automatically return to the docking station.

Is it good for both hard floors and carpet?
This vac is great for both. It has powerful suction to get into carpet fibers but is gentle enough to not scatter cat litter all over your hardwoods. It also has wet and dry mopping features, so you don’t have to use water if you don’t want to. It comes with 2 large microfiber mop heads and a water tank.

Can I schedule it to clean?
Yes! You can set this via the remote to schedule a regular cleaning. Just be sure if you’re scheduling it to vacuum, you have the dust bin inserted instead of the water tank and the mop head removed prior to it running.

Will it clean separate rooms?
As long as there are no obstacles in the way, the V7 will automatically move from room to room and keep cleaning until the job is done.

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Dust bin full alert?
This model does not alert you when the dirt container is full. However, if it gets too full, the unit will stop running. While it does hold quite a bit, the best thing to do is to empty the bin after every cleaning or every 2 cleanings at most if your house isn’t that dirty or you’re running it often.

Auto switch from vacuum to mop?
Unfortunately it’s not possible for this unit to automatically switch between vacuum and mopping modes. This is because there is only one space in the vacuum for either the dust bin or water tank but not both at the same time. To go into mopping mode, you must remove the dirt container and insert the water tank. Then, attach the mop head to the bottom and you’re ready to go.

Does it have a HEPA filter?
Yes, as a matter of fact this model comes with extra HEPA filters as well.

Will it damage the floor?
While the bristles on the cleaning head do touch the floor, they are fairly soft so the risk of scratching is very minimal.

How well does it work on carpet?
In user reviews, it seems that deep pile carpets don’t get quite as clean as lower pile carpets, hardwoods or tile. If you have a really deep pile carpet, it’s hard to find a robot vacuum that will dig in enough to suck out the dirt, as they are so lightweight.

Does it have adjustable suction?
No, there is only one suction mode for vacuuming.

Does the water drip?
That’s an unfortunate design glitch with the V7 – the water comes out only due to gravity. So, if you leave it sitting on the charging dock with water in the tank, it will make a puddle. The only work-around to this is to empty the tank or take it out after the mopping is done.


The ILIFE V7 robotic vacuuming and mopping robot is a pretty good deal for the money. It has a few points of concern in that it doesn’t work fantastic for really deep pile carpet, and you have to make sure you remove the water container after mopping. Also, it will migrate from room to room if you don’t put something in front of it to block the area.

As for cleaning time, it does take a long time to clean due to the random cleaning pattern. However, we found the battery lasts about four hours, which was more than enough time to clean the house.

However, given these few design shortcomings, we still recommend it. At ¼ of the price of a big name brand machine like iRobot / Roomba, it works remarkably well. If you can’t afford one of those robots with a high price tag and just want good clean floors, the ILIFE is a great investment. If you’ like to pick one up, Gearbest has an amazing flash sale going on today (Amazon sold out!).