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Are you in the market for a new vacuum cleaner and don’t know which one to buy? Between the internet, television, infomercials, magazines and every other form of advertising, there is so much information out there, and much of its conflicting. At, we solve that problem.

By taking a look at real reviews for each model from each brand, you’ll have the information you need to select the best vacuum cleaner for your home. Whether you have pets, hardwood floors, deep pile carpet or need a scrubber to clean all types of surfaces, the reviews here should help make the decision much easier for you.

As consumers, we often don’t know any better and rely too much on a slick sales pitch. Because of this, we oftentimes make the wrong selection (I know I have!) then regret having bought the product as soon as we’ve used it. If you’ve used a vacuum cleaner, you can usually still return it, but what a hassle! Of course, you want to make sure you do a good job of cleaning it out, and then do your best to dismantle it and get it to fit back in the box. Then, you have to deal with shipping fees or hauling it back to a store. What a pain.

However, if you read through the user reviews and take a look at videos showing a particular vacuum in action, it’s much easier to see if it will work for you. Not sure of where to even begin? Taking a look at our top picks of best upright vacuums and best handheld vacuums might help steer you in the right direction.

Something else that might be of great help to you is our How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner page which has 10 things to look for and consider before making your next investment. While a vacuum filter doesn’t seem like it would be a big deal, it can be if you’re on a budget and buy a machine that you need to buy new filters for every time it’s used. Worse yet, if the filter can’t handle what you’re vacuuming up, you’re never going to be happy with it. This is just one thing to consider.

Speaking of budget, it’s nearly always a factor when purchasing a new vacuum. Buying one is similar in ways to buying a new car. While it’s not nearly as costly (thank goodness!), it’s still not cheap. Since you’re paying out your hard-earned cash, you’ll feel like you’re stuck with what you buy for several years. For this reason, it’s important to do your homework so there’s a very good chance the machine you pick will fit perfectly into your home and lifestyle.

With all of that said, feel free to take a look around at all the helpful tools and info on the site. Check out the reviews, comparison charts, tips and articles, and of course contact us with any questions.

Happy shopping!

Barbara Seaman