The Need For A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless vacuum cleaners are the most compact models of vacuum cleaners available. They are light in weight and portable to carry around easily. They come in two varieties, handheld and upright stick models. Both are useful for small jobs around the house and to clean vehicle interiors. Depending on the kind of attachments that they come equipped with, the nozzles and brushes can be changed to suit the type of surface being vacuumed.

There are merits and demerits for any type of vacuum cleaning model, this entirely depends on the kind of usage it is going to get. Some pointers mentioned below help to consider for what purposes a cordless vacuum cleaner is suitable or not.

Features To Consider For Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Handheld cordless vacuum cleaners should be comfortable to hold and use, without putting any pressure on the hands or shoulders. Anything heavy will make cleaning cumbersome and less welcome the next time over. An ergonomically designed vacuum cleaner, will have a good grip handle, be light in weight and easy to use.

When looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner, the weight needs to always be considered, anything heavy is unnecessary.

Battery Capacity

Cordless vacuum cleaners of any model need a very good battery capacity. Without this, the device will be useless. The reason cordless vacuum cleaners are bought is to avoid long cords and tangles.

But if the battery runs less than 10 minutes, and has to be changed often, one would prefer the corded models. However, lithium-ion batteries in the new cordless vacuum cleaners last longer, come with chargeable battery stations and provide seamless vacuuming.

Motor Power

Most lightweight vacuum cleaners tend to compromise on the power of the motor. A strong motor is usually heavy and takes up much more space in the traditional models. With advancements in design, motors are being made smaller, less heavy, to make a cordless vacuum cleaner weigh much less than older models. Companies are also able to increase motor power to allow for better suctioning and subsequent cleaning.


Because handheld cordless vacuum cleaners are so compact, sometimes there is a need for some extensions and attachments. These come in the form of special tools. The extensions add length to the overall vacuum cleaner in order to enable its reach to difficult areas in the house and cars.

The various brush rolls and versatile nozzles help to provide unique cleaning to various types of surfaces and materials that need to be dusted and vacuumed.


Cordless vacuum cleaners are affordable, which makes them an easy buy. One need not think of investing too much money on a cordless vacuum, what is important is to buy one that is both affordable and has excellent features.

Most cordless vacuum cleaners fall under a certain budget, with a difference in a couple of dollars. Only choose one which suits the needs of the particular household as well as that with required specifications.


The performance of a cordless vacuum cleaner entirely depends on the power of its battery pack, the longer the battery lasts, the more vacuuming it is able to achieve.

However, in some cordless vacuum cleaners, only a fully charged battery is able to give maximum power, it is seen that when it starts to discharge, suctioning power is compromised too.

Therefore, it is important to find and invest in a cordless vacuum cleaner with powerful, long-lasting batteries. Along with a strong motor and convenient attachments, a cordless vacuum cleaner is a must-have product.