Best Vacuum for Drywall Dust in 2020 – Wet/Dry?

Purchasing the best vacuum for drywall dust is not a bed roses. Not to say with the fake vacuum cleaners everywhere, the search process may end up fruitless. It is a decision that mostly leaves most of the people in a dilemma. To avoid being in a dilemma, a lot of information is needed and advisably search for the recommended cleaners.

In concern to this tedious task, this article highlights the recommendable drywall vacuum cleaners. Additionally, it discusses its functioning features, pros, and cons. It ensures you comfortably decide on the best vacuum cleaner for drywall dust that gives a sparkling clean surface. It is worth noting that all these vacuum cleaners have been tested and proven to be the best.

10 Best Vacuum for Drywall Dust Review

1. Dustless wet dry vacuum

To give you a solid reason why you should purchase the dustless wet-dry vacuum, I will highlight its unique features, the pros, and its cons.


  • It is wonderfully-fitted with a crush-proof and kink proof for any tough job
  • The rubber wheels are sturdy to avoid breakage to keep it moving
  • It has a well-designed tongue-and-groove seal to keep dust in its place
  • Microfilters are easy to install and increase its efficiency
  • Secondary filters that prevent dust from escaping to the motor hence keeping the motor running for a longer time


  • The barrel has a considerable capacity of holding the dust
  • The filters automatically switch from wet to dry
  • Process of cleaning the filters is simple and less tedious
  • A hose can be used to drain at a distance


  • It is not appropriate for regular household cleaning.

Is your wall made of stone, concrete, drywall, fiberglass, or masonry products? Are you tired of continually breaking dusting tools for your walls? Are you looking for a high performing wet dry vacuum cleaner? If your answer to any of the questions is a nod, we got an item to cover all your cares. Dustless wet dry vacuum is an item that is professionally-crafted by dustless technologies for high and reliable performance.

It is the best tool that is professionally-fitted with measures to leave your walls sparkling clean. It efficiently captures the dust particles and ensures not even the slightest dust escape to your air. The filters are wisely-designed for the functionality of a higher level. The filters shift automatically from wet to dry. It saves you the trouble of constant stopping work to switch the filters. Have you thought of the clamps of the dustless wet dry vacuum? The clamps are very sturdy and keep the lid in the place.

The dustless wet dry vacuum has professional features. These features make your working effortless. Besides, they ensure that its set up is simple hence does not require expertise.

2. Festool 574938 CT 48E HEPA dust extractor

This section, I will discuss the features of this vacuum cleaner, pros, and cons.


  • It has a high performing turbine for high suctioning power
  • The suction hose is smooth for effortless installation
  • A Self-clean filter bag is fitted
  • The gross volume is the same as the net volume thus maximum utilization of the tool
  • High capacity for holding the dust


  • The performance of this dry vacuum cleaner is super high
  • The fitting of the hose is simple
  • Saves time due to the high holding capacity
  • It is economical to use with the self-clean filter bag
  • The suction has remote control
  • The filtration system is super powerful


  • The suction hose is not too long but reliable for short distances

Best vacuum drywall cleaners are expected to have a massive capacity of holding dust. However, it is rare to obtain a tool that has a vast capacity without degrading its performance. It was tedious work but luckily, we got the Festool 574938 HEPA dust extractor, which maintains both functionalities. It has a holding capacity of 48 liters and still has high performing components.

Besides movement with this vacuum cleaner is simple. It has handles for carrying and rear wheels. The rear wheels take ages to wear out and also sturdy to avoid breaking down. The stability of this high performing cleaner is fully-promised. The locking brake enhances its stability on any surface and also when transporting it.

This fantastic tool has unique and very crucial features. Its features are professional-designed for versatility and high performance.

3. Oneida molded deluxe dust deputy kit


  • The suction power is super powerful
  • Assembling process of this item is simple
  • The tank holds up to 10 gallons
  • It is super strong and efficient
  • The outer can is highly durable


  • It sucks 96% of the total dust
  • Oneida  molded  deluxe dust deputy kit is highly durable
  • The assembly of this kit is simple and fast
  •  this tool is highly efficient and reliable


  • It does not suck the sawdust particles

When making any purchase, you should look for an item that has been thorough-tested. A tested tool guarantees an eligible tool for your hard-earned cash. Oneida molded deluxe dust deputy kit, is a professionally tested tool. It has proven beyond doubt to conveniently suck all the dust particles and leave your wall super clean. It comes with super features and relevant design for an effortless cleaning process

The outstanding feature of this tool is its filter bags. The filter bags have a skillful design that avoids clogging. The filters also ensure that all the dust particles do not pass to the motor. Thus, keeping the motor running for the longest time. Do you require a vacuum dry cleaner that has a huge holding capacity? If the answer is a persistent nod, then this is your cleaning tool. It has a tank that can hold up to 10 gallons of dirt. The huge holding capacity facilitate one round of wall cleaning which saves time

The features of this dry vacuum cleaner are at another level. They promise high performance and a smooth cleaning process. The pros of this tool are countless. Every combination of the Oneida molded deluxe dust deputy kit gives a reason why it should be your only choice. Being a professionally constructed tool, it has minimal cons, which mostly do not temper with the performance.

4. Shop-vac 9625110 5.0-peak horsepower right stuff wet/dry vacuum


  • It has a 3-peak horsepower motor thus leaves your wall super clean
  • The top handle allows easy portability
  • The rear blower allows shifting to the powerful blower
  • Comes with a disposable filter bag
  • It shifts from wet to dry for convenience


  • Its operation is cordless hence
  • It sucks 95% of the dust, therefore, leaves a clean surface
  • Do not require batteries
  • Takes a short time to recharge and stays long before running up
  • The operations of the vacuum do not require expertise


  • Do not pick tree nuts
  • Dog hair clogs this drywall vacuum cleaner

A lot of counterfeit items are at our disposal with throw away prices. Such items have made the search for original items always tedious. Some of these fake items physically look like the original items, but their performance is worse. On this note, I recommend shop vac9625110 5.0-peak horsepower right stuff wet/dry vacuum. It is a cleaning tool that is original and promises high functionality.

This wet/dry vacuum has a holding capacity of 6 gallons. The storage of this tool is not a bother. It is easily compatible and has a cord wrap that keeps it organized. The filters included in this item are unique and 100% reliable. It has ultra-web cartridge filters, which highly enhances its functionality hence a smooth working time. Not to speak of its suction power. The suction power is very high and sucks even the tiniest particle.

It is a tool that incorporates useful features that are rare in other vacuums. The construction of the tool is done optimum to ensure the maximum efficiency of the vacuum. It is an item that has multiple pros and very minimum cons. For your advantage, the cons do not interfere with the functionality of the vacuum

5. Workshop wet dry vac ws1400CA high power wet dry vacuum cleaner


  • The tank has a holding capacity of 14 gallons
  • It has a colossal suction power to suck all the particles
  • The stability is greatly-enhanced with its perfect design
  • This tool is highly durable and of high quality
  • The hose is professionally designed and can be attached or detached easily


  • It has a carrying handle for maneuverability
  • The setting up of this vacuum cleaner is for all “do yourself” people
  • It sucks all the dirt for a clean surface
  • This tool has a qwick lock filter for quick shifting from wet to dry filters
  • Workshop wet dry vacuum cleaner has a storage bag to handle all your accessories


  • It will require constant replacement of filters if you are a continuous user.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner for a workshop, high-level attention, and exposure is crucial. A workshop has a lot of dirt that can only be easily-collected with high suction power.  Besides, a silent operating tool is preferable for a serene environment. One of the tool that achieves all those expectations and combines super functioning is the workshop wet dry vac ws1400ca vacuum cleaner.

It is a tool that has a locking horse that is flexible on both sides. Transporting the vacuum cleaner is never an issue. It has an ergonomic design with handles for ease in movement. The performance of this vacuum cleaner is hugely enhanced. The suction power is super powerful. Besides, it has a thoughtful design that avoids clogging of dirt. If you freak out when operating mechanical tools then this is a tool that will always calm your nerves. The operations are simple and do not require any expertise.

The drum has a holding capacity of 14 gallons to hold all your dirt. The drainage port is strategic-positioned on the bottom part of the tool. The strategic position ensures you dispose of the wet messes quickly. Every part of this vacuum cleaner incorporates features to make your cleaning effortless with excellent output. Such features make this tool have a multiple of pros that makes it an outstanding tool. This tool is human-constructed; hence some cons cannot miss. However, the cons do not interfere with its functionality

6. Dewalt 18/20v max vacuum wet dry cleaner

Below are the features pros and cons of this vacuum cleaner.


  • Operates with the power of 18to 20v thus power saving in comparison to other vacuum cleaners
  • The filters are professionally designed to suck 99.7% of the dust
  • Its design enhances its stability on surfaces
  • It has a long hose for distant cleaning


  • It is very compatible therefore easy storage
  • The filters are very efficient
  • This tool takes the longest time to wear out thus durable
  • Contains washable and reusable filters which save the maintenance cost
  • Shifts from wet to dry filters easily


  • The battery and the charger are available separately
  • Not reliable for a long cleaning process

The functioning mechanism and level determine the quality of any equipment. A high functioning tool is vital if you require excellent output. When it comes to cleaning tools, a high performing cleaning tool is the only option. Such a tool leaves no mistakes on your surfaces. The outstanding cleaning tool that has proven to have optimum functionality is Dewalt 18/20v max wet/dry cleaner. It operates on both wet and dry surfaces powered with 18 or 20v.

Very few tools in the market that have proven their eligibility. This vacuum cleaner proves its worthiness withy the effortless operation. It has wet-dry filters that trap 99.7% of dust particles, thus very efficient. Yet, these filters are simple to wash and very reusable. This tool promises flexibility. It has mechanisms such as ergonomic design for ease when transporting. All its parts are wisely-constructed with sturdy materials for durability.

Construction of this tool is customer-centered hence meets all the user needs. The construction is very professional and matchless with unique and useful features. Everything pertaining to this Dewalt wet dry vacuum cleaner guarantees a clean surface.

7. Vacmaster VB1210, 12 gallons 5peak HP wet dry vacuum cleaner

Below are the conspicuous features of this vacuum cleaner, pros, and cons


  • It has a quick-release detachable blower
  • Polypropylene tank has a huge holding capacity of 12 gallons
  • Five peak hp motor thus a resourceful equipment
  • This tool has a thoughtful design that avoids clogging of dirt
  • Facilitates both wet and dry surfaces


  • Strategically positioned draining port to avoid other menses
  • The motor is sturdy for high power operation
  • It does not require batteries hence cheaper maintenance cost
  • Operation of this vacuum cleaner is simple
  • Holds massive amount of dirt before emptying


  • For fine dust, this vacuum cleaner needs a dust bag

Unfortunately, we may incur huge expenses for an expectation meeting tool and later end up with disappointments. No to say that some of the highly tagged tools may require expensive maintenance. Such tools are too nagging and should not appear in your budget at every cost. If you need a vacuum cleaner that is pocket-friendly and always cleans your surfaces perfectly, I got one for you. Vacmaster VB1210, 12 galloons wet dry vacuum cleaner is very affordable and means clean surfaces every time you use it

Investing your time to do cleaning should always be fruitful. However, the output of the cleaning process is highly-determined by the equipment. Vacmaster wet dry vacuum cleaner has a holding capacity of 12 gallons and combines high performing features.  It is a tool that is professionally-designed for efficiency and reliability. The filters are super useful and quickly shifts from wet to dry.

The overall design of this tool is beneficial. The features are unique with high performance. This tool has a lot of pros and very minimal cons.

8. Craftsman CMXEVBE 17595 16 gallons 6.5 peak HP wet dry vacuum cleaner


  • Top carrying handle for ease in movement
  • It has a super-powerful filtration system
  • The design of this vacuum cleaner avoids clogging
  • The craftsman wet dry vacuum cleaner has 6.5 peak hp for strong sucking power
  • Contains a built-in blower port for quick cleaning of grass clippings


  • The draining port is oversized for simple emptying
  • Fantastic design that enhances stability on surfaces
  • It has a huge holding capacity of 16 gallons
  • This equipment has qwik lock filter fastening system for a quick change of filters
  • It does not use batteries thus cheap maintenance cost


  • The hose is short but reliable for short distance home operations

Are you looking for a home operations vacuum cleaner? Are the menses of your pet too irritating? If you say yes, then I got the ideal vacuum cleaner for you. Craftsman 16 gallon 6.5 peak wet dry vacuum cleaner is skillfully-constructed for all home operations. In this accord, they feature expert like working and simple operation

If you require a tremendous clean surface from a defiled surface, then this is your tool. It sucks all the dust particles and hairs from your pet. It has a unique design that makes it operate robotically, thus unforced working. Is storage space a problem for you? If yes, note that the compatibility of this item is not available in other items. It is highly compatible and takes a small space in your room

This vacuum cleaner is easily distinguishable from other cleaners due to its incomparable features. The manufacturers ensured that this tool is a super item by incorporating wonderful features. The fantastic features give this vacuum cleaner multiple of pros and insignificant cons

9. Bosch VAC090AH 9 gallon dust extractor vacuum cleaner


  • Contains a fleece bag to enhance the durability of the filters
  • It has an amazing super filtration system
  • The suction power is very strong
  • It has a holding capacity of 9 gallons hence convenient for home operations
  • The filters are easily washable
  • Bosch dust extractor vacuum cleaner has efficient airflow and also avoids clogging of debris


  • You can use the power switch tool to turn the vacuum on and off
  • The reliable airflow of the vacuum prevents terrible odor from the dirt
  • The fleece dust bag allows the collection of debris hence cleans perfectly
  • On-board filter system automatically activates after 15 seconds for a strong suction power continuously
  • It is a highly durable vacuum cleaner


  • Do not work for concrete floor prep

A filter of a vacuum cleaner is very fragile. Some unexpectedly fail, which makes reusing almost impossible. To achieve the best drywall vacuum cleaner, you have to ensure the durability of the filters is promised and enhanced. Bosch 9 gallon dust extractor is a tool that ensures that all its parts last long

Fleece dust bag significantly upgrades the durability of this vacuum cleaner. The fleece dust bag ensures that the sucking of debris is possible and does not damage the filters. The suction power is super strong. Thus do not leave any dust particle on the wall or in the air. The holding capacity is very reliable and convenient for home or workshop cleaning

The main thing that keeps this item top in the market is its design and features. It has a fantastic design that highly increases its efficiency. Also, it contains expert-like features that ensure expertise functionality. The expert-like features earn this best shop vac for drywall dust a multiple of pros and insignificant cons that you can bear.

10. Dust right dust separator


  • Avoids clogging of vacuum for a high suctioning power
  • The base is five-caster to make it remarkably stable
  • It has cyclonic airflow that allows the dust particles to settle and separate
  • Creates a vortex effect that avoids loss of suctioning power
  • A 10-gallon translucent bucket that makes it easy to tell when it is full


  • Do not require batteries hence cheaper maintenance cost
  • Setting up of this dry cleaner does not require any expertise
  • It efficiently separates the dust particles from the fresh air
  • The filters of this dry cleaner are highly durable
  • It has a cloud of huge dust holding capacity


  • It does not have handling handles

However, it contains some cons which mostly go unnoticed in its functioning.

Suction power cleaner highly determines the functionality of the drywall vacuum cleaner. The suction power defines the ability of the vacuum cleaner to suck all the dust particles from the wall or air. Do you know that buying a dry cleaner with high suction power is not the absolute solution? Confused? Relax am explaining why. Suction power reduces after a long working period or can be lost.

The ideal solution is purchasing a tool that has a mechanism of recovering suction power. Dust right dust separator is a vacuum cleaner that is wonderfully-fitted with such mechanisms. It captures debris and sawdust particles before going to the vacuum. The early capturing of dirt avoids reduction of the suction power as a result of clogging.

The fantastic thing about dust right dust separator is its craftsmanship. The construction fits it with amazing features that have an excellent performance. Its pros have given multiple of its users the reason to every time use it for their cleaning sessions.


In a nutshell, for a resourceful cleaning process, you will need the best vacuum cleaners. Some of the vacuum cleaners facilitate dry surfaces only while others facilitate both dry and wet surfaces. Either way, the vacuum cleaner should have a high level of functionality. Its parts should promise a simple operation. This piece has highlighted the recommendable vacuum cleaners which will always meet your expectations. For easy decision making, the features of this tool have been broadly-discussed.

Further, all their pros give a conviction on the vacuum cleaner to purchase. Besides all their cons are mentioned and have proved that you can comfortably cope with them.

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