Best Vacuum For Intex Pool – Top Picks for 2023

After your activity, you may need to keep your body in your pool for refreshment. Your pool should always be as sparkling clean as your body. To keep your pool clean, you will require peak cleaning tools. Get the best vacuum for the Intex pool and you will always maintain a clean pool all the time.

There is a wide range of Intex pool vacuum cleaners. We made this guide to help you find out the right one to suit your pool cleaning needs. Also, have to highlight outstanding pool cleaners that will keep your pool from any contamination and all sorts of debris. We have analyzed their explicit features, pros, and cons. These cleaners include the following:

10 Best Vacuum For Intex Pool Reviews

1. Intex auto pool cleaner

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  • the 24 feet horse of this vacuum cleaner is simple to attach to the Intex inlet connector
  • Intex auto pool cleaner has a professional filter pump with a flow rate of 1600-3500gph
  • for ground pools above the ground, you will require a 1-1/2 horse fittings
  • Intex auto pool cleaner is very durable
  • this vacuum for Intex pool has an ingenious design


  • replacement parts are readily available
  • it offers maximum performance
  • operation of the Intex auto cleaner is quite simple


  • it is not suitable for in-ground pools

With a lot of counterfeit items surrounding us, it has been hard to get a quality high performing item. It is advisable to arm yourself with a suggestion of the best item in the market that meets your expectations by performing its meant duty. Among the few quality items is the Intex auto pool cleaner

This great unit is an exceptional product of Intex recreation Corp manufacturers. It has an ingenious design. For the best vacuum for Intex above ground pool. It has a flow rate of 1600 to 3500, which is highly preferable. The filtration system is enhanced and is very durable

2. Intex automatic cleaner for above ground pools

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  • Automatically cleans your pool without any effort
  • It effectively reverses the direction to leave the entire pool sparkling clean
  • Intex automatic cleaner is useful for pools with a small diameter
  • The hose attaches effortlessly with the existing pool inlet
  • It has the most reliable flow rate of 1600-4000gph


  • It has a venturi suction that keeps your pool free from debris hence making it safe for the swimmers
  • It has the troubleshooting mechanism to ensure your filter pump is off when not in use
  • Compatible thus it is not troublesome when storing
  • Allows pressurized water to freely flow, which prevents the clogging of the bot, which can lead to a pump burning up.
  • Keeps the pool extra clean by preventing suspending of the dirt at the bottom
  • The Intex automatic pool cleaner comes with a multi-section hose that fits in any size of your pool


  • With the loose design, some people find it hard to use the Intex automatic pool cleaner

Intex automatic cleaner is a high-quality product of Intex manufactures that is good for cleaning pools above the ground. Keeping in mind that pool cleaning is a very tiresome task, this pool cleaner automatically cleans your pool after setting, making it an effortless task. It has a very steady flow rate that makes it outstands other pool cleaners.

The inventive design of this pool cleaner equips it with a troubleshooting mechanism that ensures that the filter pump is kept off. Intex automatic cleaner cleans your pool thoroughly and removes any debris that may settle on the bottom. The debris poses a lot of danger to the swimmers; thus, they should be kept away from your pool. This pool cleaner has a manual that gives instructions on how to disassemble and assemble it. Moreover, the assembling process is quite simple.

3. Dolphin escape robotic above the ground pool cleaner

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  • It has cartridge bags to hold the debris
  • The traction is well-enhanced by the wheels
  • This pool cleaner has an active brush that scrubs dirt that might have stuck and all contaminants
  • The scanning robotics maximizes the cleaning patterns
  • Dolphin escape robotic has 24 volts dc motors
  • Suitable for pool sizes of up to 30ft


  • Maximumly cleans your pool with enhanced cleaning patters
  • It can also clean the in-ground pool
  • It has an ultra-fine fine filter that removes the tiniest particles
  • Suitably runs with an extension cord
  • Works perfectly with huge gallons of water
  • This cleaner has a suction rating of 4000gph
  • This pool cleaner has two motors


  • Dolphin Escape robotic pool cleaner does not have the swivel cord

When describing items from different manufacturers, we use the term “high-quality item” to distinguish the dolphin protects from the rest. Dolphin Escape robotic pool cleaner is a high-quality pool cleaner that leaves your pool free from debris or contaminations.

All the features in this pool cleaner are enhanced to save your time and energy during the cleaning process. It comes with three motors which are a rare feature in pool cleaners and very active brushes that actively removes the tiniest dirt in your pool. With the robotic design, this pool cleaner has continuous tracks to avoid it from slipping.

Messy cumbersome debris keeps your body at risk while having an enjoyable swim. This pool cleaner has a large top load filter to carry all the trash out of your pool. It disgusts to have a pool cleaner that aimlessly wanders in the pool while cleaning. Therefore, the dolphin scape robotic pool cleaner has smart navigation while in the pool to wash each part of the pool. Moreover, its scanning software uses the latest algorithms to clean your pool correctly. The filtration system is ultra-fine. Moreover, it is the best pool cleaning tool for pools up to 30 feet.

4. Intex 26651EG 3000 GPH above ground pool

Intex 26651EG 3000 GPH
Intex 26651EG 3000 GPH


  • It has a built-in timer
  • The flow rate is 3000 gallons per hour
  • Filter replacement is cost-effective
  • Sand filter pool cleaner has a high suction power
  • Assembling and dissembling process is straightforward


  • The sand filtration last for a very long time
  • Thoroughly cleans your pool
  • It includes the GFCI unit
  • Easily compatible with the existing filters
  • Saves time and energy when cleaning the pool


  • Sand filter remove bugs only on the bottom of the water
  • It is not recommendable for pools that have the dual intake

Pools are prone to a lot of dirt and contamination. Besides, it continuously stays with water which can lead to algae or other dangerous organisms. After a tiresome task or on a warm day, you may need to take a few swimming hours or just dipping your body into your pool.

If the pools get exposed to contamination and dirt, it will contaminate your body and may lead to an incurable disease. It implies that cleaning your pool is a basic need to avoid keeping your immunity at any risk. Among the best tools, you can use to clean your pool is the Intex automatic vacuum pool cleaner that has a sand filter and a flow rate of 3000gph.

The sand filter pool cleaner installation and maintenance are reasonably simple and stress-free. It filters 3000 gallons of water per hour hence very fast and saves your energy. Its system has a rating of 2450 gallons. The filter cartridges are economically designed to last long.

Thus, you will take a long time before you do the replacement. The safety shut-off comfortably meets the ul standards. The venturi suctions of this sand filter pool cleaner keep the bottom part of the pool free from debris. With your pool above the ground, the Intex sand filter pool cleaner makes the perfect cleaning equipment. So it is one of the best pool vacuums for Intex pool.

5. Zodiac ranger suction side automatic above-ground pool cleaner

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  • Uses a one moving part technology enhancing its working and effectiveness
  • Equipped with exceptional deflector wheels to evade getting caught up by the ladder or corners
  • This pool cleaner is pre-assembled for you hence the installation part only
  • It has a 32 feet, feed hose
  • Self-adjusting flow control valve
  • Automatically regulates the water flow hence less effort


  • Simple to maintain
  • Effectively cleans dished-out bottoms
  • Works in a quiet environment thus a serene setting for you
  • The operation process is simple and does not require extra tools


  • Not recommended for soft-sided pools
  • The length of the hose is not convenient

Most of the pool cleaners work in a noisy environment due to the annoying hammer or noise from the flapper. Unfortunately, it is noiseless pool cleaners rare to be found. This is an incredible cleaner that effectively cleans your pool and removes all the debris from the bottom part of your pool; here is one for you. Zodiac ranger suction side automatic pool cleaner works in quietly with an enhanced mechanism to clean your pool. It comes pre-assembled for you saving the energy needed in assembling.

It has a professional design to increase its efficiency. The flow regulator valve is adjustable for peak performance. The deflector wheels prevent the pool cleaner from getting caught up by the ladder or the corners. The single moving apart eliminates the need gears and flappers.

The AG disc makes the ranger to glide up to the bottom part of your pool hence cleaning each part. The ranger ensures that your pool cleaner works effectively, quickly, and automatically regulates the flow of water.

6. Hayward 900 Wanda the whale suction above-ground pool cleaner

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  • It has a turbine system for a constant balanced water flow
  • Operates in an ultra-quiet environment
  • The head design is contoured to finish the steering pattern in a very short time
  • It has the bumper rings to minimize the friction preventing it from constant wear and tear
  • This pool cleaner has automatic cleaning technology
  • provides a trouble-free operation


  • The installation process does not require any special tools
  • It has enhanced cleaning mechanism to ensure it cleans the pool entirely
  • This pool cleaner has an improved water circulation
  • Perfectly picks the algae that might have grown


  • Cannot clean soft-sided pools

When buying a pool cleaner, it is advisable to purchase a product from a good renown company. A company that has been in the manufacturing industry and proven to be worth to take your hard-earned cash.

Besides the pool cleaner itself should have been tested and proven beyond doubts its peak performance, durability, stress-free during the assembling process and storage.  Hayward 9000 Wanda, the whale suction pool cleaner, exhibits all this characteristic. To learn more about this pool cleaner, I will highlight its unique features

This pool cleaner has a technological design that has received a continuous enhancement for over 80 years now. It is designed to clean pools with various designs effectively. The filtration system is highly enhanced and has a smart drive program steering that ensures it perfectly cleans all the parts of the pool.

The filtration system is compatible with your existing filtration and is not troublesome when installing it. The pool cleaner effectively crawls to the bottom part of the pool, collecting all the debris and any unwanted materials in the pool.

7. Pool Rover S2 40, us, JET 115vac /48VDC

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  • Takes up to 2 microns nominal thus keeping your pool safe
  • It has sturdy pumps
  • The filtration system is greatly enhanced
  • Filters up to 80 gallons per minute
  • This pool cleaner has a sleek design for easy maneuvering in water
  • It is fitted with two internal vac bags to suck algae
  • Pool rover pool cleaner uses the hydro-robotic technology
  • Has adjustable axle pin that maximizes the pool coverage


  • safe for all surfaces
  • The debris is removed physically which minimizes the number of chemicals used
  • Ideal for surfaces up to 40 feet
  • Cleans a minimum radius of 6
  • Helps in saving on the cleaning chemical
  • Have fewer parts that will require replacement, therefore, cost-effective


  • Do not clean underground pools
  • This pool cleaner do not clean the pool wall and waterline

Most of the pool cleaners have extra chemicals that are meant to clean the pool. What most of the manufacturers forget is that the chemicals may pose a danger to the health of the users. Living in the presence of such issues, we ought to ensure that the cleaning equipment leaves fewer chemicals in the pool and still effectively clean your pool thoroughly.

Among the recommendable pool cleaners that have the above feature is the pool rover pool cleaner. This pool cleaner has a potent suction of over 80 gallons per minute. It is useful for pools above the ground and is fitted with EZ clean top access filtration to ensure all the debris and dirt is proficient-filtered out of water.

The S2-40i pool cleaner has a sleek design that enables it to maneuver easily in the pool. It vacuums and filters all the dirt in your pool, keeping it safe for the swimmers. The vac bags entirely suck the algae to leave clean and clear water. It uses the hydro-robotic technology that propels the pool cleaner in all parts of the pool. It is ideal for surfaces up to 40-feet

8. Aquabot pool rover hybrid robotic pool cleaner

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  • Non-marring wheels for uneven floors
  • Fitted with 2-hour automatic shut system
  • Super-enhanced filtration system to keep your pool clean
  • It has a reusable micro filter bag
  • Saves on energy and requires minimal maintenance
  • It has a patented guidance system for minimum supervision when working


  • Works without hose or any connection to your existing filtration optimally
  • Ultra-durable pool cleaner
  • Efficient and very reliable
  • The components are adjustable making it convenient for various shapes of pools
  • Capable of removing large leaves of algae and large pieces of debris


  • The suction is tied directly to the filter hence dies too fast
  • Do not work on any specified pattern

After having your residential pool, it is crucial to keep it clean always for the safety of the users. Keeping the pool clean entails having a peak performing cleaning equipment such as an Aquabot pool rover hybrid robotic pool cleaner.

It is a pool cleaner that has enhanced features and design. The Aquabot pool rover hybrid pool cleaner has been thoroughly tested and proven to outstand most of the pool cleaners. There a lot of items you may find online and not available in the shops. This pool cleaner exhibits all feature in this article and is readily available for you to buy

The cleaning mechanism of this pool cleaner is 100% effective and reliable. The mobile filtration system automatically vacuums your pool. Comes with a cable length of 41 feet and cleans 5400sq-feet per hour thus is time-saving. It has a filtration rate of 4200 gallons per hour .this pool cleaner has a massive capacity of 34quarts for maximally holding the debris. It is equipped with a jet-propelled system to cover the entire pool.

9. Hayward 500 aquabug suction above-ground pool cleaner

Hayward 500 Aquabug Suction Above-Ground Pool Cleaner
Hayward 500 Aquabug Suction Above-Ground Pool Cleaner


  • Deluxe bumper rings ensure the resumption of the programmed steering pattern
  • It has an enhanced filtration system
  • Has a ladybug cleaner design to navigate to the bottom of the pool
  • This pool cleaner has an exclusive smart drive program


  • Do not require special tools during installation
  • Conveniently picks the algae and sand
  • It has a superior quality
  • Working as ladybug pool vacuum


  • Do not have ample filter storage

For over 80 years, the Hayward has continuously availed promising goods and making pool owners enjoy clean pools. Their cleaner makes pools free from algae, debris, and all other contaminating materials.

Among the equipment’s doing this complete task is the ultra-durable Hayward 500 aquabug suction pool cleaner. It is a well-enhanced tool that has a fantastic filtration system, and its assembling is quite simple.

It is ingeniously designed to circulate the pool to ensure it is entirely clean. This pool cleaner avoids wastage of the cleaning chemicals saving on the cost and also keeps your body away from the dangerous chemicals. The turbine system is very efficient to maintain a continuous flow of water. The bumper rings reduce the friction hence making it a durable tool.

10. Intex handheld rechargeable vacuum

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  • Made of aluminum thus durable
  • It has a built-in rechargeable battery
  • Has two brushes that can are interchangeable for convenience
  • It has an aluminum telescope pool that is adjustable.
  • This Unit is the best portable pool vacuum


  • Comes with a USB cable for recharging
  • It is a lightweight item hence portable
  • The pool cleaner has an automatic shut off system
  • This tool has a waterproof switch


  • Must be submerged to work effectively

Most probably, you have heard of Intex products, and if not, you should question the quality of your items. Intex is promising manufacturing that avails superior goods that performs the intended task effectively.

When we talk of the Intex handheld rechargeable vacuum, things are not different. It is very durable and will leave your pool free from dirt and any possible contamination. It is the most recommendable handheld pool cleaner due to its simplicity, thus does not require any professionalism while using, yet it delivers professional cleaning.

The design and the features of this pool cleaner are very exceptional. The switch has a waterproof material to protect it from damage. It has an aluminum telescopic shaft that is adjustable for durability and resistance against friction. This pool cleaner effectively cleans above grounds pool of up to 18-feet diameter.

The vacuum quickly recharges at a rate of approximately 50 minutes and comes with a recharging cable. The effectiveness of this cleaner makes to outstands. It will always ensure that your pool is free from debris or any other contamination. It economically uses the cleaning chemicals

Final Verdict

Building a pool is not enough. You should foresee and ensure that your pool does not keep your body at stake. Pools are prone to a lot of contamination and need to be kept free from disease-causing germs. The above-highlighted equipment will help in cleaning your pool. They are all the Best Vacuum For Intex Pool from outstanding manufacturers with amazing functionalities.

They are readily available and have enhanced mechanisms to simplify the cleaning task. These pool cleaners are all you need for your pool to ensure you buy them to enjoy the comfort of your pool.

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