Best Vacuum Under $100 in 2023 – Budget Friendly

Cleaning is an essential part of every home. It gives you a sense of pride to call a place home. It would not be pleasant to be in a place where you cannot find the courage to call home. How would you feel if you have your place looking spotlessly clean? If you want to clean your own home by the budget-friendly vacuum cleaner. I can imagine that it would be the best place to have peace of mind.

Best Vacuum Under $100 Review by Type & Quality

While we all want to maintain our homes clean, not all of us have the luxury to spend a lot of money buying a vacuum cleaner. This is why we prepared this guide to provide you with the best vacuum under 100. We have covered quality vacuum cleaners that will offer the best cleaning performance.

Best Cordless Vacuum under $100

If you want to enjoy cordless convenience when cleaning, I have some two reliable cordless vacuum cleaners that you can consider buying. Working with a cordless machine makes your work easier and you can move to clean different places. Check these two cordless vacuum cleaner reviews.

1. Eureka NES215A Blaze 3-In-1

eureka Blaze Stick Vacuum Cleaner

It is not a surprise that you can get a variety of vacuum cleaners in the market that are highly-priced. It is, however, overwhelming the rate at which individuals are going for products with several features. It will not be surprising if you hear that all those sophisticated features are close to nothing. Avoid such disappointments and go for a simple but reliable product. Some vacuums have reasonable prices and can excellently serve you.

The Eureka NES215A blaze 3-in-1 model is one versatile vacuum; you cannot regret having it at home.  The vacuum is light in weight and comes with a perfect three in one design for more versatility. Also, the device has a powerful suction, which enables the user to get rid of the irritating pet hair. It also has an additional tool for cleaning crevices and a generous capacity dust cup.

The filters of the vacuum are washable, and it is fantastic at how the vacuum is loaded with great features that are expected to be in more expensive vacuums. It has proven the greatness of the cheap vacuums that we ignore at the expense of the costly vacuums

Top Features

  • A crevice tool is included
  • It is lightweight in an incredible way
  • 3-in-1 technology enhances the versatility of the vacuum.


  • It is lightweight
  • Excellent for both soft and hard floors
  • Suitable for cleaning pet hair and dust
  • Easy to maneuver due to its lightweight nature


  • It is not the most powerful vacuum in the market
  • Lacks the convenience of a cordless vacuum

2. VacLife Handheld Vacuum

VacLife Handheld Vacuum

It is good that for every individual, there is always something for you. You might not be in a position to get yourself an expensive vacuum cleaner, but you are interested in having one. Also, space matters, if you are someone who would prefer saving the closet space, you need not worry. The great affordable set for you is the Vac-Life handheld vacuum model.

According to the customers who have experienced the services of the product, there are very remarkable comments about it. The model is useful for you if you are the likes who prefer the handheld models of the vacuum.

It is a good model for a speedy person since it charges faster, and according to the brand, the product has a good battery life of thirty minutes. The model is likely to outdo another handheld model due to the power of its suction in addition to its lightweight.

The product is efficient for use on bare floors, carpet, sofas, and even around your car. It comes with excellent features of separate nozzles designed to perform wonders around your vehicle. It quickly reaches to most points of the car as well as the house since it does not have cords.

Top Features

  • Powerful suction
  • Lightweight and deep cleaning
  • It is durable in use
  • Long-lasting cordless use


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean


  • It is pricey

Best Robot Vacuum Under 100

Sometimes, you might be too busy to handle the cleaning chores in your house. This doesn’t mean that you will enjoy a clean home. Get the best robot vacuum cleaner and let the machine do the work on your behalf. Here is a review of a quality robot vacuum cleaner that you can consider.

1. PUCRC25 Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner

There are a variety of vacuum cleaners that are not equal to the task. Sometimes, you might be tired or busy to clean around the house, but due to technology development, it is possible to clean around the house from your comfort zone. You have heard of robot vacuum cleaners. These models are quite expensive due to the technicality involved with the use of the device as well as its blueprint. However, there is always an option for such situations.

The PUCRC25 automatic robot vacuum cleaner has significantly proven the existence of affordable automatic robot vacuum cleaners. Even though it is a low budget cleaner, the model is quite an essential equipment, unlike the other popular robotic vacuums. First, the model has no bells or whistles that alert the user.

It also has no compatibility with smartphones, and also it lacks the mapping technology present in other robotic vacuum cleaners. The features are precisely fit for the price. The product is a good vacuum cleaner for use around the hardwood floors, but when it comes to other cleaning such as the carpets, then I would recommend that you consider other models.

Top Features

  • Automatic bag-less design for easy cleaning
  • Has an in-built rechargeable battery
  • Excellent for home and office
  • Dual spinning side brush lifts the debris


  • Easily affordable for robotic vacuum cleaners
  • An excellent option for cleaning hardwood surfaces
  • It is reliable
  • Good option for


  • Strains when cleaning the carpets and rugs
  • Has no debris detection technology

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Carpets under $ 100

Carpets accumulate a lot of dirt especially if you have kids and pets. It is important to get a quality vacuum cleaner that is designed to clean carpets. I have the top 2 recommendations below that will be a great vacuum Cleaner for Carpets.

1. MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum 10Kpa Powerful Suction 4 in 1 Stick

There are different types of moosoo cordless vacuum cleaners. Moosoo 10kpa offers a significant solution to your problems. It comes with all the necessary tools for the process .the cleaner is light in weight and powerful hence easy to work with. The machine offers enough has a long-lasting battery that enables you to use it for a long time without necessarily recharging it.

Furthermore, the machine works well on all types of floors and carpets. However, it is a cordless machine. The cordless device frees you from the struggle of moving the wire all the time.

The cleaner contains a high-efficiency cyclone which removes particles from the air. Besides, it has HEPA filtration, which also helps to get rid of dust particles. It, therefore, provides purified air. The machine has lights; hence dirt is seen also has a dusting brush for cleaning narrow gaps and also has a mini cleaning has a user manual. This will guide you on how to use and care for the machine. Several machines have a warranty. The moosoo cordless vacuum has a 24 months warranty.


  • Fitted with a long-lasting battery
  • Has a flashlight in front of the floor brush
  • Contains a powerful cleaning head
  • Equipped with a broad floor head
  • Contains special brush rolls


  • It produces little noise
  • The machine is affordable
  • The motor has no brushes, therefore, enables the engine to last long
  • Has lights for a clear view of the area you are to clean
  • It uses replaceable batteries; hence you can change them instead of charging


  • The battery can charge well if placed on the vacuum
  • It has a small bin

1. Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

eureka NEU182A

Just like any other machine, eureka power-speed cleaners come in different types. Choose a device that suits your needs. The eureka power-speed bagless upright cleaner is one of the brands and is used to clean different types of surfaces. They have strong suction and are light in weight. Eureka cleaners are loved as they have unique cleaning capabilities and are energy efficient. Affordable and available in almost all vacuum stores.

This unit is potent cleaners hence get rid of any stubborn dirt. Also, have a wide nozzle that enables them to clean quickly.  The device has smooth wheels, thus leaves no scratches or patches. They hold more dirt due to the large dust cup they contain hence requires less emptying. The tools are stored right on the cleaner, thus saves time and energy. The machine can get rid of pet hair, clean cars, ceilings, and even door is also able to clean all areas, even the hard to reach areas.


  • It has a wide cleaning nozzle
  • It is fitted with headlights
  • Has broad and smooth wheels
  • It contains a storage area
  • Has a large dirt area


  • It has a good suction power
  • Lightweight therefore easy to move around
  • It allows secure storage for tools
  • Has a large dust bin hence it is not emptied frequently


  • The base is not able to control the suction
  • It produces a noise when in work
  • It can’t be adjusted to any other height

The Best Canister Vacuum under $100

When it comes to canister cleaners, there are many models that you can choose. We have researched the market to provide you with quality canister vacuum cleaners that you can get under 100. They include the following:

1. Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G

It is so depressing to see you spend much on a vacuum cleaner that performs the specific task that a cheaper vacuum does. Here are simple tricks that we discovered about the vacuum cleaners that we encounter from day by day. Since competition is high, several brands tend to price the vacuum cleaners as the rest.

This is to fish out money from the customers. But the solution for this has been realized, and some brands make vacuums at reasonable prices to save your pocket from some type of stress that accompanies the acquisition of vacuum cleaners.

If you are an individual who is interested in quick cleaning and low pile carpet cleaning, you do not need to spend much on expensive vacuum cleaners. In contrast, you can spend less on vacuums like Eureka mighty mite 3670G model.

This model is fitted with few but excellent features that make it the product of choice for price-sensitive individuals. Owing to it having few features as compared to other vacuums, each element is perfectly functional. It is always crucial to go through reviews before buying a product to ascertain the product that fits your needs perfectly.

Top Features

  • Powerful suction system to clean big messes
  • It has HEPA filters which are easy to wash
  • It has a three-head vacuum head in addition to an extension wand
  • Great value for a reasonable price


  • The suction is excellent for low pile carpets and hard surfaces
  • The body design is lightweight despite being tough
  • It is affordable
  • The blow-out feature is perfect for a couple of messes around the house


  • The suction is not a great option to clean deep pile carpets
  • It is noisy while on operation

2. BISSELL Zing Canister 2156A

BISSELL Zing Lightweight,

When cleaning is fun, then we tend to do it more often. The cleaning equipment is always the determinant of our cleanliness around the house. Some of you find it fun to clean using vacuum cleaners. If you love the vacuums that you are the one having control over the hose while vacuuming, then BISSELL zing canister 2156A can be the model for you. As you go through this review, you will be able to know if the model is made for you.

The BISSELL zing canister 2156A model is one affordable vacuum model that you can rely on around your home. With its vintage blueprint, the model has powerful suction to ensure a fantastic cleaning experience.

Also, the model is designed with wheels at the base, therefore, giving it excellent maneuverability. The bag-less canister is made to suit your needs for significant encounters during cleaning sessions. The BISSELL brand is popularly known for making remarkable vacuums in the market.

As a consumer, you will be able to experience the fantastic benefits that co0mes along with BISSELL zing canister 2156A once you get to encounter the product. It is also available at reasonable prices to ensure that you get the value for your money.

Top Features

  • Has an airflow regulator
  • Multi-surface floor tool
  • Has a dusting brush
  • Has a crevice tool


  • It is affordable
  • Easy to maneuver around the house while using it
  • It has a powerful suction
  • It provides a variety of cleaning options


  • The canister struggles with larger debris
  • The vacuum has a short cord as compared to other models

Best Upright Vacuum under $100

Upright vacuum cleaners help you clean your house without bending. This prevents back pain that is experienced from other types of cleaners that require you to bend. We have provided you with top upright vacuum cleaners that come at a pocket-friendly price.

1. Eureka Power Speed Bag-Less Upright Vacuum Cleaner

eureka NEU182B

Are you an animal lover? Your kids may as well love to have pets such as dogs or cats. Their hair always might be allergic, and not all the vacuums can be able to get rid of such hair.

However, with the many vacuums of the offer today, you cannot miss one that can suit your needs and ensuring you worry no more about having pets as a companion. The problem is just knowing what model it is that works well in the task. No need to worry Eureka power speed bag-less upright vacuum cleaner is here for you.

The model is suitable to be used all over the house, and it can be adopted to clean a variety of surfaces ranging from bare floors to the fluffy carpet without having any challenge. The model is fitted with LED lights that enable you to have a clear vision of debris under your furniture to ensure you pick them.

Also, the dust cup is of a large capacity, which enables you to clean the floor several times without emptying it. Having this Eureka power speed bag-less upright vacuum cleaner, you need not worry about having pets anymore. It gets you covered.

Top Features

  • Lightweight upright vacuum cleaner
  • Five height adjustment
  • Comes along with extra cleaning tools
  • Large storage dust cup capacity


  • The perfect option for pet hair
  • Works well on a variety of surfaces
  • Has a dust cup with a large capacity


  • Not very easy to handle

1. BISSELL Clean-View Bag-Less


Having many vacuums in the market, most of them happen to be very efficient in performing specific tasks, and it is, however, tricky that most of them are expensive. Thus you cannot afford various models of vacuums for each particular job around your home.

Therefore, to eliminate this headache, you will need to assess the needs of your home before getting a vacuum cleaner that meets the cleaning requirements around your home. It is more probable that you will go for a vacuum that can clean a variety of surfaces around your home, and for that matter, I suggest that you check out for BISSELL clean-view bag-less model.

This model has an easy to use design as well as features with a powerful suction that ensures an excellent clean surface with a single pass. The one-pass technology significantly enhances this.

The aspiration is of about 12- Amp, this ensures that all the dirt and the debris on your floor are eliminated. The filtration system is one fantastic feature of the model as well as its collection system, which is easy to empty. The model never disappoints when it comes to cleaning that involves a variety of surfaces.

Top Features

  • The large capacity dust cup
  • One-pass technology with a powerful suction
  • Multi-level filtration system with washable filters


  • One-pass technology saves you time, and it is almost effortless
  • Easy to empty and no extra cost on disposable bags
  • It is affordable
  • The upright design enhances easy storage for those interested in saving space


  • The hose is shorter to clean high places
  • Not favorable for hardwood since the brush is ever on
  • The rotating brush cannot be turned off

Best Cordless Stick Vacuum under $100

If you need a cordless stick vacuum for all your cleaning tasks, check this model below that provides a superb cleaning performance. This is a great machine that will serve you for many years and gives reliable cleaning outcomes.

1. Cordless Vacuum, Vac-Life Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless Vacuum

The handheld vacuums are gaining popularity recently due to their efficiency and reliability. Now it is not the product that matters the most, but rather it is what it has to offer. With many brands promising you heaven, you might be surprised to find hell in some of the models of the different brands.

This is because of some individuals who aim at robbing the customers of their money. It is thus the best idea to go through the review before you resort to buying a particular product.

This review is based on the cordless vacuum, Vac-Life vacuum cleaner. Read on to know more about the product. The Vac-Life vacuum cleaner is a model of vacuums that come with an eminent design, and it is lightweight; therefore, it is effortlessly portable.

The efficiency is enhanced through its portability since it can clean some spots around the house where it is not easy to reach using brushes. The model also has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can power the device for one hour continually.

The battery is also durable; however, it can be replaced once it is time to change it. The device has received remarkable comments from the customers who have encountered it.

Top Features

  • Fast and efficient cleaning
  • It is lightweight
  • The powerful battery allows its long runtime


  • It is easy to use
  • It is lightweight thus portable
  • It is affordable
  • Has a long-lasting battery
  • A lifetime warranty from the manufacturer covers it


  • The vacuum is a little bit pricey

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair under $100

If you have pets in the house, you need to get a convenient vacuum cleaner that will suck all the pet hair in your house to provide you with a clean and healthy environment. Consider this model for all your pet hair cleaning needs.

1. Shark Pet-Perfect 11 Cordless Bag-Less Vacuum Cleaner

A large population of homeowners gets worried about the cleaning of stairs and upholstery around the home. Do you worry too? As for me, I don’t have to worry about that, and so should you. Here is a little secret as to why you need to stop worrying about such small issues.

The Hark pet-perfect 11 cordless bag-less vacuum cleaner got you covered. The model is worth having it at your home because it performs the task equally well.  Are you interested to know the reasons why you need this errand boy around your home? Well, simply read on through this review and find the answers to your questions.

The vacuum comes along with two attachments to improve its versatility. One is a crevice cleaning tool whose role is to get rid of the dirt that is stuck on hard surfaces and a tool that enables it to pick up trash from the hard surfaces, thus improving its efficiency.

According to a population that has experienced the product services, they have given it high rates. The device is not as light as other handheld vacuums, a negative thing since it has a 5-pound battery. However, the negative aspect is canceled by the fact that the suction of the device is more potent than expected of a handheld vacuum, a more reason why it is excellent for eliminating pet hair. This unit is also great for long hair cleaning.

Top Features

  • Lightweight
  • Has a washable filter that is easily detachable
  • Has a generous dust cup’s capacity


  • Has a motorized that makes it suitable for removing pet hair
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent power
  • Replaceable battery


  • Takes long to charge about 16 hours
  • Only comes with one year warranty

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner

Choosing a new vacuum cleaner is not an easy task. Most of the time, you tend to go for the ones that are trending, and you end up not getting a vacuum cleaner that is suitable for your needs. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the most suitable vacuum cleaner.

The Type of Floor

You should consider whether the floor is hard or it is carpeted. In the case of carpeting, you are always advised to go for an upright vacuum cleaner. You can opt for a canister vacuum cleaner if it is a hard floor. It is suitable to maneuver around when cleaning. If you have a combination of both hard floors and carpeting, ensure you check for features such as suction control, brush roll control, and height adjustment.

Frequency of Vacuuming

The number of times you vacuum your house also affects the type of vacuum cleaner you should go for. If you tend to clean often, go for a robotic vacuum cleaner, which can do all the work even when you are not around. If the dirt tends to remain in one specific area, you can opt for a stick vacuum cleaner. It is handy for both hard floors and carpets.

Maintenance Required

Bagless vacuum cleaners require less maintenance since they do not have bags that require changing. If you have a vacuum with a HEPA filter, you need to replace the filter when necessary.

Number of Stairs

The presence of many stairs needs a vacuum that is lightweight and easy to maneuver. The vacuum cleaner should also have excellent suction power. There are cases where the floors might be different. In such instances, consider buying more than one type of vacuum. Consider going for a vacuum cleaner with a smaller stick since it is easy to use and carry around the stairs.

Final Verdict

Get peace at home while enjoying a clean environment around you. The cleanliness of your home is solely dependent on the effort that you take to ensure you get the best cleaning equipment. Perhaps you never knew how to go about the cleaning equipment, and I believe you now do. Having gone through the review, you can decide which is the best vacuum under 100 for your home.

Having covered a variety of the best affordable models of vacuum cleaners in 2023, I suggest that it is time to get your butt off that seat and hit the market. You need to have such equipment for your home. Let us be happy in a clean house.