What Is The Best Vacuum for Pet Hair? Handhelds & Uprights

If you are a pet parent, you know that pet hair is a common household nuisance that can be difficult to clean up. Vacuums are an essential tool for keeping your home free of pet hair. The right vacuum cleaner can make all the difference in reducing the amount of pet hair in your home and making your cleaning routine more straightforward and efficient.

This blog post will discuss the best vacuum options for tackling pet hair and the features to look for when shopping for a pet-hair-friendly vacuum. We will also provide tips for making pet hair clean-up more effortless and successful. With the help of this blog post, you should be able to find the perfect vacuum for your pet’s hair problem and make cleaning up your pet’s fur a breeze.

How to Choose the Best Pet Hair Vacuum

When choosing the best pet hair vacuum, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. Selecting the right vacuum for your needs can be challenging, especially when dealing with pet hair. First and foremost, it’s essential to understand the features that make a great vacuum for pet hair and determine the most important for your specific needs.

Additionally, you’ll need to consider the size and weight of the vacuum, as well as the cost. This blog post will provide an in-depth look at each of these considerations and valuable tips on selecting the best pet hair vacuum for your household. We’ll also provide some of our top picks for the best pet hair vacuums so that you can make an informed decision.

With this comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to quickly and easily find the perfect pet hair vacuum that meets your needs and budget.

Choose a Vacuum With Good Suction Power

When choosing the best pet hair vacuum, it is essential to consider the suction power. A vacuum with high suction power will penetrate deep into carpets, rugs, and upholstery to remove any trapped pet hair. It is also essential to look for a vacuum with a range of attachments for cleaning different surfaces and ensuring the filter is efficient.

Make sure the vacuum has good maneuverability, as cleaning pet hair can require vacuuming in hard-to-reach areas. Consider the noise level of the vacuum as well, as some can be noisy and disturb pets. Finally, compare prices and reviews to determine the best vacuum for your needs and budget.

Look for a Lightweight Model

One of the essential considerations is weight when looking for a pet hair vacuum. A lightweight model will be much easier to maneuver, especially when cleaning up after multiple cats or dogs.

Additionally, a lightweight model is much easier to store and transport. It is essential to read reviews online and look for a lightweight and powerful model. Make sure to look for a model with specialized attachments for cleaning pet hair, such as a motorized brush or upholstery tool.

Finally, look for a vacuum with a quickly emptied dustbin and an adjustable suction setting. Doing this ensures that your pet hair vacuum is both lightweight and powerful enough for your needs.

Check for Specialized Pet Hair Attachments

When selecting a pet hair vacuum, it is essential to check for specialized pet hair attachments. A specialized pet hair attachment can help to remove pet fur from carpet, upholstery, and furniture more efficiently. A crevice tool and an upholstery brush are necessary for removing pet fur from furniture and upholstery.

Additionally, a motorized brush can help to remove pet fur from carpets and rugs. When purchasing a pet hair vacuum, ensure that the attachments are designed for pet hair and are of good quality. Doing so will ensure that the pet hair vacuum is as effective as possible in removing pet fur from all surfaces.

Consider Models with HEPA Filters

When looking for a pet hair vacuum, it is essential to consider models with HEPA filters. HEPA filters are designed to trap the smallest particles, like pet hair and dander, which can contribute to allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues.

Additionally, HEPA filters can help reduce odors caused by pet hair. When shopping for a pet hair vacuum, look for models with a HEPA filter rating of H10 or higher, as these are designed to trap the smallest particles. Additionally, look for vacuums with powerful suction and adjustable suction settings, as these can help make pet hair removal more efficient.

Finally, consider noise levels, as some pet hair vacuums can be loud. Considering these factors can help you find the best pet hair vacuum for your needs.

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair – Reviews

Not only your mind but also maximum pet lover want to know – What is the best vacuum for pet hair? Here is a list of the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair. Read.

When it comes to pets, we love them, but most of us don’t love all the shedding. It’s worth it for their company, but no one wants to sneeze all the time or get up off the couch looking like Chewbacca. The solution is to eliminate all your furniture, carpet, and furry friends or find the best vacuum for pet hair. Luckily, there are vacuums out there that excel at this task.

Below you’ll find our picks sorted into different price categories and types (upright & handheld). In this situation, you get what you pay for, and the most expensive is better. However, get the best you can afford if you’re on a skinnier budget. You’ll still be happy you did. Your pets will be happier too!

Top 5 Upright Vacuums for Pet Hair Comparisons

ModelDyson DC65Shark Rotator Powered TruePetDyson DC59 AnimalDyson DC50Shark Rocket TruePet
HighlightsTwice the suction of any vacuum cleaner on the marketAffordable and versatile with great toolsCordless yet powerful handheld & uprightGreat suction in a compact modelVersatile upright/handheld combo
Weight (pounds)17.3515.64.611.67.5
Tools Included– stair tool – combination tool – pet hair turbine tool – Zorb tool – stiff brush – multi angle brush – accessory bag– pet power brush – dusting brush – nozzle/dusting brush – canister caddy – hard floor duster – accessory bag – pet upholstery tool – motorized pet brush– motorized pet tool – nozzle/brush tool– pet turbine tool – nozzle/brush tool – stair tool– crevice tool – dusting brush – pet hair tool – hard floor tool – motorized pet brush – accessory bag – wall mount
Dust Container Capacity (gallons)0.550.
Power245 Air Watts1200 Watts28 air watts (100 in boost mode)128 air watts1200 watts
Filterwashable with HEPA filterwashable with HEPA filterwashable with HEPA filterwashable with HEPA filterwashable
Cord Length35′30′cordless24.9′30′

5 Best Upright Vacuums for Pet Hair Reviews

1. Dyson DC65 Animal Complete

Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson vacuums are the crème de la crème of vacuum cleaners. With a price tag to match, they offer superior suction technology and are fantastic at picking up animal hair, especially the ones that come with the Tangle Free Turbine Tool.

The DC 65 is the latest in this line. It incorporates twice the suction of previous Dyson models. It has an articulating base plate that hugs the floor for even more suction, making it ideal for picking up just about anything from Cheerios to dander. Also, all Dyson vacuums include very high-end HEPA vacuum technology, so they’re an excellent option for anyone with allergies.

These features, combined with fantastic user reviews and ratings, make Animal Complete the best vacuum for pet hair.

2. Shark Rotator Powered TruePet

Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum

This is a best seller, much like the popular Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away. However, the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet is even better. It has some extra features and comes with various tools and attachments specifically designed for removing pet hair on everything from carpets to couches.

Like the Rotator, it has a removable canister and handheld vacuums, so you’re getting three vacuums for the price of one. The HEPA allergy system is also upgraded, and this model is fully sealed, making your home healthier, so you’re not breathing in all that pet dander, pollen, dust, and mold. For these reasons, the TruePet is our second pick for the best vacuum for pet hair.

3. Dyson DC59 Animal

Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

While not a traditional upright vacuum cleaner, the Dyson DC59 Animal offers an alternative for anyone who doesn’t need or wants a clunky full-sized vac. Whether because of back problems or storage issues, many users really want the efficiency and powerful suction of a giant vacuum but don’t want the inconvenience of finding a place to store it, or it’s just too heavy for them.

The DC59 is a great solution. First, it’s cordless and has its own wall mount/docking station, so it’s always ready to go. Second, it weighs less than 5 pounds, making it easy for anyone to use. Combined with an intelligent design that keeps the majority of weight by your hand, it’s genuinely a convenient machine.

The DC 59 Animal has all the powerful suction of a big vac but in a more streamlined package, making it ideal for pet owners with a smaller apartment or living space, a boat to clean, or even get the hair off your car seats, upholstery and carpet.

4. Dyson DC50 Animal

Dyson DC50

Much like the DC65, the DC50 has fantastic suction and can disappear dog and cat hair. The big difference is in the package. The DC50 is a small vacuum cleaner. It is scaled down and lightweight compared to a giant vac.

This is an excellent option if you have a smaller home or need a machine with less weight due to back or shoulder pain. Like the higher-priced Dyson models, it still has a long extension hose and comes with various handy attachments, making it great for a variety of small and large jobs.

5. Shark Rocket TruePet

Much like the Dyson DC59 in design, the Shark Rocket TruePet offers a lightweight vac with a handheld incorporated. However, it does it with a cord, so you will never lose power and can vacuum as long as you want without ever recharging a battery.

At under 8 pounds, the TruePet has a large dirt container, so you won’t need to empty it as often. It also has a wall-mount for easy storage and several tools designed just for pet hair pickup on hardwood or concrete floors, carpets, and upholstery.

Top 5 Handheld Vacuums for Pet Hair Comparisons

ModelDyson DC59 AnimalShark Rocket TruePetHoover Platinum Collection LinxShark Pet Perfect IIBissell Pet Hair Eraser
HighlightsPowerful cordless upright/handheld combo with amazing suctionUpright/handheld with great pet toolsPowerful 18v cordless with upholstery toolsVersatile cordless 18v with great toolsSturdy, compact and good for pet hair on furniture
Weight (pounds)
Tools Included– mini motorized tool – hard nozzle/dusting brush – crevice tool – extension wand – full size vacuum head– crevice tool – dusting brush – pet hair tool – hard floor tool – motorized pet brush – extension wand – full size vacuum head– pivoting brush roll – pet upholstery tool – dusting brush– motorized pet hair brush – dusting brush – crevice tool– hard nozzle – rubber pet hair tool
Power350 watt digital V6 motor with NMC battery500 watts18v lithium ion battery18v Ni-MH battery4 amps
Filterwashable with HEPA filterwashable with HEPA filterwashablewashablewashable with HEPA filter

5 Best Handheld Vacuums for Pet Hair Reviews

1. Dyson DC59 Animal

Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

By now most of us know that Dysons are very powerful vacuums, but they have also become among the most versatile with the introduction of the cordless Dyson Digital Slim models, namely the DC59 Animal and DC59 Motorhead. While the Motorhead packs more power, the Animal is definitely the top pick for tough pet hair.

Combining the power and capability of an upright with a handheld is an amazing innovation. With the extension wand, you can use it just like any other upright vacuum cleaner. Even functioning as an upright, it still weighs less than 5 pounds. As a handheld, it’s just as powerful and comes with a variety of attachments for any job.

With a sealed HEPA system, the DC 59 Animal is the perfect choice for pet hair and dander.

2. Shark Rocket TruePet

In their ever-increasing efforts to compete with Dyson, Shark has introduced a new line of upright and handheld combination vacs at very affordable prices. The Shark Rocket TruePet is one of the latest in this line and is intended for many jobs, among them removing tough cat and dog hair from hardwood floors, carpets and upholstery. While it does have a cord, it still packs a lot of power and is very versatile.

3. Hoover Platinum Collection Linx Cordless Pet

Hoover Linx Cordless

Plainly said, this is an excellent vacuum for picking up after pets and their shedding, and it’s cordless. It has a powerful lithium-ion battery and is lightweight and easy to maneuver. With a pet and upholstery tool and 25 degrees head pivoting, this handheld vac is excellent for furniture and small spaces.

Tools include the powerhead brush tool, the pet upholstery tool with three rubber blades, and a deluxe dusting brush with two rows of bristles to get the dust off delicate surfaces.

While it’s more expensive than other handheld vacuums advertised to remove pet hair from various surfaces, it also has much higher ratings than other models. Review after review comments on its performance, reliability, and ease of use.

4. Shark Pet Perfect II

Shark Pet Perfect II

If you need just a handheld vac without the upright capability, Shark has introduced the Pet Perfect II, one of the best small and lightweight vacs for picking up and removing long and short hair from a variety of surfaces. This unit also excellently clean different types of stairs.

5. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

Many users are attracted to the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser because of its cheap price tag, but the reviews of this model remain very favorable. Consumers give it an overall 4.5 out of 5 stars for the sheer power of removing hair from furniture and carpets. While it’s not as versatile or as maneuverable as other models, it still gets the job done. It’s designed for one thing, and it does it well.

FAQ for Vacuum for Pet Hair

How often should I vacuum my home if I have pets?

Depends on personal preference and the condition of your home and carpet.

What features should I look for in a vacuum for pet hair?

It depends on your personal preference. In my way, you can Look for a product that has adjustable suction control. A model with multiple power settings also is ideal. A lightweight design that is easy to maneuver around furniture is also desirable.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the best vacuum for pet hair depends on the size of your home, the type of flooring, and the type of pet hair you’re dealing with. Upright vacuums, canister vacuums, stick vacuums, and handheld vacuums have particular advantages and disadvantages. With the right vacuum, however, you can keep your floors free of pet hair and your home clean and healthy.

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