How to Clean Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

When you are doing your cleaning chores, you will tend to notice that the vacuum cleaner does not provide great suction. Wondering why such situations happen? Then, it could be you don’t maintain your machine well. You need to know how to clean a bagless vacuum cleaner to get the best cleaning performance.

It is essential to conduct a regular cleaning schedule to improve the functionality of the tool. Besides, how often do you clean this machine? Well, these are some of the few reasons why we came up with this guide. It gives some of the essential steps to follow when cleaning this device:

Ensure that you have all the necessary cleaning equipment

It is crucial to ensure that you have all the needed tools that would be handy. It is the first step to consider when cleaning any machine. Besides, ensure that you get the right tools as it enhances the cleaning process for effective results. Additionally, this is a tool that needs effective maintenance to function well, so you need to have the necessary list to achieve better results. Here are of some of the tools that you will need:

  • Dish soap   
  • Screwdriver
  • A clean cloth
  • A new filter for the vacuum
  • Grease
  • The vacuums user manual
  • Can of compressed air

Unplug and disassemble the vacuum

After gathering all the handy tools, you should then disassemble the vacuum. By this, I mean that you break down the device removing all the washable parts. Besides, consider removing the parts that need replacement. During maintenance, it is always right to replace some of the elements of the device for practical functionality.

Additionally, most models feature a filtration system, a piece above the dustbin area, a dustbin and accessories that are attached on the vacuum. Ensure that you carefully break down the parts so that you don’t end up damaging them as it might feature fragile parts.

Thoroughly clean the parts and leave them to dry

Before you deep any of the elements into the water, it is crucial to make sure that you consult the user manual. You might end up soaking some of the parts in soap and end up damaging them. Keenly go through the manual to have an idea of what works well with soapy water. Additionally, use a mild detergent to prevent causing scratches on the vacuum parts.

Clean the parts using a clean cloth and then leave them to dry before you get them back together. However, some elements, such as the filtration system need to be replaced; therefore, you don’t need to clean it. Moreover, always make sure that you return the filtration system every six months.

Clean the compartments of the vacuum

While the removed parts are drying, head on to cleaning the inside of the vacuum. Use a wet cloth with some soap to wipe off the dust inside the compartments. However, you should note that dealing with a bagless vacuum can get a little messy. Since the dustbin is not sealed. It means that the inside might be so dusty. You will need to carefully wipe the inside to ensure that you remove all the dust from all the compartments.

However, you might find out that a cloth won’t clean the tight compartments; therefore, you will need to use an air compressor. It helps to blow off the dust easily thus gets rid of dirt effortlessly. With the help of an air compressor, it makes the step so easy and quick on work on.

 Clean the rotating brush

It is advisable to clean the rotating brush at the bottom to ensure that it is clean to pick up dirt on your next vacuuming. Start by unscrewing the brush from its compartment that holds it. You can use a screw to make work easier. Then remove it from the chamber, and use scissors to cut some of the ends on the brush. These are the ends that comprise of hair and other dirt that hold tightly around the brush when vacuuming.

Additionally, it would help if you also cleaned the debris and the lint from the bristles of the brush using your fingers. After cleaning the brush, inspect the drive belt to make sure that there are no signs of wear and tear, however, if you notice some symptoms, then it is the right time to do some replacements.

Inspect the air passages

Every vacuum has an air passage that enhances the airflow during vacuuming. It is good to check out if the air passages are working correctly to improve the performance of the vacuum. Air passage gives the main suction for both the debris and the dirt. Therefore you should clean the air passage thoroughly to ensure that it does not bring about obstructions but work properly. Remove any dirt stuck in the place so that it does not clog. Besides, you should also check the vacuum hose and ensure that you get rid of every trash held there. Additionally, cleaning such places need time as they are so crucial to the functionality of the vacuum.

Reassemble the vacuum

We are at the final step of cleaning. At this point, you should ensure that all the parts that you washed have dried completely. Reassemble and arrange the pieces as they were before you disassembled the vacuum. The main thing you should always consider is to install the new filtration system. Additionally, if the parts are not dry, give them time to dry up before you reassemble them.

Besides, you should also ensure that you perfectly screw well the compartments so that they hold perfectly. It will also help the vacuum to work well and ensure that the parts are not loosely held.

Final Verdict

It is essential to ensure that you do regular maintenance to keep the vacuum to work efficiently. In general, it also helps you to enhance the lifespan of the vacuum. Additionally, inspecting the bagless vacuum increases the performance of the vacuum and makes cleaning easier.

Besides, how often should you clean your vacuum? It is a big question that you have to consider when making your cleaning schedule. It is important to consider that it should be done regularly. Moreover, it is crucial to ensure that you follow the above steps carefully to achieve effective results. It is essential that every vacuum owner know and understand the importance of cleaning and regular maintenances.

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