ProTeam ProForce 1500XP Review – HEPA Media Filtration

Do you need an effective and efficient floor cleaning equipment? There are plenty of amazing options, and this is one of them. The ProTeam 1500XP vacuum cleaner is one dependable piece of innovation. You will not only enjoy every bill of your floor cleaning task when using this machine but also get the most satisfying result you can expect from a machine of its class.

Though it may not beat some bigger names in the industry, it is for sure one of the most effective vacuum cleaners that you can acquire on a budget. Check out this proteam proforce 1500xp review.

The Proteam Proforce 1500xp Review

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15” Floating Powerhead

It combines optimal cleaning efficiency and effectiveness. Thanks to its innovatively created powerhead, it can clean different types of floors and handle various forms of dirt or dust with the kind of power that leaves the floor spotlessly clean. It provides exceptional cleaning on both high-pile carpet and hardwood floors.

You can also depend on this machine to work continuously for a longer period for a single cleaning task without showing any signs of exhaustion. This makes it a great option for cleaning large houses or for a large cleaning task. Besides, it emits little sound while it functions.

Ultra-Flexible Hose

Thanks to this feature, the vacuum cleaner boasts easy maneuverability. It can slide between furniture and remove dust from hidden places within the rooms. A combination of the ultra-flexible hose with the cleaning wand makes it possible for the machine to tackle the hard to reach areas.

It can be used to clean rooms that are stashed with furniture or other items that might make the floor difficult to tackle. The L-shaped powerhead design makes it easy for the machine to reach areas that are squeezed and that are less accessible. With this combination of features that support maneuverability, you will be able to keep your entire house perfectly freed from stubborn dust.

Large Rubberized Wheels

This vacuum cleaner stands out for a lot of things. One of the reasons why many users prefer this over its competition is because it is easy to use. Its large rubberized wheels contribute greatly to the vacuum cleaner’s ease of use.

Moving it around the house becomes pretty simple thanks to the efficient and freely moving wheels. It does not matter whether you are vacuuming the floor or just moving the machine from one place to another, the wheels will be of great help. The wheels enhance maneuverability too. They make the general movement of the machine easier and better.

Four Level Advanced Filtration

Do you want to breathe better air? This vacuum cleaner can freshen up your home by cleaning the air in it. It features 4-level advanced filtration that uses the HEPA media filter. It can capture up to 99.97 percent of carbon dust and particles that are at least 0.3 microns in size.

With this quality, the vacuum cleaner is capable of improving the indoor air quality a great deal. Similarly, it can be used to create a more welcoming home for your guests. The filtration system also enhances the general performance of the vacuum cleaner in providing flawless dust removal and organized floor cleaning.

50 Foot Power Cord

The long length of the power cord is one of the strengths of this vacuuming machine. Cleaning a big house becomes easier when the power cord is longer. Once you have plugged it into the power socket, you will be able to reach even parts of the house that are so far from the socket. This makes it more convenient and dependable. You can clean large areas without the need to unplug.

This is also one of the qualities that makes it suitable for the hospitality industry. It is ideal for hotels, meeting halls, and motels. It is also an 18 gauge safety power chord that conveniently wraps onto the machine for storage. It features a quick-release chord dump that allows you to unroll the cord rapidly, and without tedious unwinding.

Dual Motor System

The vacuum cleaner is powered by a dual-motor system that works together to deliver powerful functioning. The system offers convenience for maximum efficiency and optimal effectiveness. With this quality, you will not worry about losing suction.

The dual-motor system is the reason why this vacuum cleaner is capable of handling even the toughest cleaning activities and still manage to provide satisfactory results with each vacuuming task. The cleaners maintain power to the suction motor and the brush roller. This vacuum cleaner can work continuously for a long time without showing any signs of exhaustion or heating up.

ProTeam ProForce Pros

  • Extra-long power cord measures 50 foot
  • Air cleaning and freshening quality
  • With its dual motor system, it never loses suction
  • Large rubberized wheels make movement easier
  • L-shaped powerhead allows it to access hard-to-reach areas
  • Upgraded HEPA level filtration removes all particulates and cleans the air more effectively

ProTeam ProForce Cons

  • Cleaning stairs with this vacuum cleaner may be difficult

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any awards won by this machine?

A: Yes. Carpet and Rug Institute has certified it with bronze

Q: Is it for professional use only or it can be used at home too?

A: The fact that it is suitable for the hospitality industry does not mean you cannot use it at home.

Q: Can it clean under the bed effectively?

A: Yes. It has an ultra-flexible hose and a cleaning wand that can clean spaces as squeezed and tight as under the bed.

Final Verdict

This is one of the best vacuum cleaners for performing serious cleaning. That is why it is fit for cleaning large rooms. You should take your time to understand this machine and how it works. You should also learn how to take care of your machine so that it can serve you for longer.

It is a piece of durable equipment designed to last longer and to serve you well within that period. Therefore, this proteam proforce 1500xp review should help you understand the machine before making your analysis and decision on whether to choose the vacuum cleaner over its competitors on the market.

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