Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Review – Short on Hose?

The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner is a powerful and easy-to-use deep cleaner for carpets. It is powered by a 10-amp vacuum motor that provides excellent suction and equipped with a motorized and handheld brush that can remove the toughest of stains and spots on any carpet and rug. It’s great for those of us who don’t want a full-size carpet cleaner but one that’s lightweight and powerful enough to tackle small messes and stains.

The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Review

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Key Features:

  • Suction power twice as strong compared to top portable spot cleaners
  • Has a powerful handheld motorized brush
  • For easier transport, comes with carpet-friendly wheels and retractable handle
  • Removable tanks that are easy to fill and empty
  • Wide opening lid of the waste water tank for ease in rinsing and drying

How to Use It

The Rug Doctor Spot Cleaner is ready to use right out of the package, and there is no need to assemble this powerful cleaner. To start cleaning, the clean water tank should be filled first. To do so, unscrew the cap, pull out the tube, and add hot tap water up to the ‘clean water’ line.

Once the clean water tank has been filled, add the cleaning solution to the tank, filling it up to the ‘soap’ line. Put the tube back into the tank and replace the outer cap. Remove the motorized brush from the cleaner and unpack the flex hose from the hose wraps. Plug the cord into an outlet.

The cleaner is now ready for use.  To get your carpets clean, first put the motorized brush in front of the stained area.  After turning on the brush, gently press and hold the soap trigger to start cleaning. Release the trigger after the stained area has been completely filled with the cleaning solution.

When the motorized brush is put on hold, it can also remove excess water from the surface, resulting in faster drying. The machine should be left on for 15 seconds to allow the residue to be gathered into the waste water container.

You can use this same method to clean upholstery using the included hand tool.


  • Dimensions: 12.5” tall x 17.6” wide x 17.4” deep
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Motor: 12 amps
  • Clean Water Tank: 64 oz.
  • Dirty Water Tank: 38 oz.
  • Hose Length: 5.5’
  • Cleaning Path Width: 4.5”
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • See User Manual


  • Its suction power is twice as effective that of any leading carpet cleaner in the market. With such impressive suction power, it can remove hard-to-clean spills and stains. Complementing the powerful suction of the Rug Doctor is its handheld motorized brush which moves back and forth to unloosen and get rid of stains.
  • It is very easy to use, as users would only need to position the brush over the dirty surface and press the trigger on to dispense the cleaning solution.
  • The waste water tank easily detaches, making it easy to clean. It also features an access hole in the dirty water tank, allowing the user to wipe and dry the interiors of the container. This will prevent build-up of bacteria in the tank.
  • This portable cleaner has wheels for enhanced maneuverability, and its retractable handle makes it all the more convenient to use.


While users give this cleaner 4.5 out of 5 stars for cleaning tough carpet stains, there are a few more features they would like to see added or changed. First, the hose is a bit short. At just about five and one-half feet, it should work well to reach most carpet stains or reach onto upholstery. However, if you want to use it to clean carpet stairs, one review mentioned that it will have to be moved once or twice as you go up.

The second feature mentioned in reviews is that it does not have a heating element. In other words, you must fill the unit with hot water, but it won’t stay hot over time. This is true of even some of the best carpet cleaners and scrubbers on the market today, though some of the full-sized upright units like the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe do have the heating feature.

While this is an option some users would like to see, this portable cleaner is really meant for smaller stains and cleanup jobs, so it’s not intended to be used long enough for the water to become cool.

Consumer Ratings

Users of this powerful portable machine have given it mostly positive remarks, with many satisfied customers saying that it does its job very well, and that is, to clean dirty spots in carpets and rug areas.  One review said it has a solid build and is not as noisy as his previous portable spot cleaner when being used. He has had this model for a few years and has not had any problems at all.

The reviewer added that it’s specifically built to clean hard-to-reach areas of the house like the bottom part of the sofa or table which are prone to getting soiled by pets like dogs. He adds that the motorized brush allows him to get through these areas, something that his previous cleaner failed to do in the past.

Another review underscores the versatility of this machine. The reviewer said that the spot cleaner was able to eliminate an old stain that had been sitting on his car interior. He says the cleaning solution included with the product also has a refreshing smell that made the car smell brand new. This is a great feature, as you would have to struggle much more to clean your car’s interior with an upright carpet cleaner like the Bissell Deep Clean or Hoover Max Extract, even using the attachments.


Rug Doctor believes it has created the best spot cleaner today and while it may not suit everyone, this portable spot cleaner delivers on its promise of cleaning hard-to-remove stains and spills on carpets and upholstery. Compared to other spot cleaners, this one can certainly hold its own. This cleaner definitely gets high marks and is highly recommended for anyone with stains from pets or anything else on their upholstery or carpets. If you’d like to get one,

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