Samsung VU7000 Motion Sync Reviews – As Good as Dyson?

The Samsung VU700 Motion Sync Bagless Upright Vacuum with a combined detachable handheld vac is the latest introduction and first introduction of their popular upright bagless models into the United States market. At a retail cost of $$$, it’s a little hefty on the price tag, but you can get it at a much better (cheap!) price with a coupon code or if you can find one on sale. See the recommendations below on where to buy to get it at the best price.

Samsung VU7000 Reviews

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The Samsung VU7000 Compare with some similar Product-

Last update on 2022-07-03 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

How easy is it to use?

First, the Samsung motion sync vu7000 has built-in Motion Sync technology, which is a fancy way of saying it’s easy to steer. While the vacuum itself is on the heavy side, this feature is a welcome benefit. It glides especially well when vacuuming carpet but does a great job of sucking up just about everything in its path on hardwood floors, tile and stone as well.

Speaking of cleaning different types of floor surfaces, this vacuum works as well on hardwood floors and other bare surfaces because it does have a brush roll-on/off feature. The button is conveniently located on the side of the unit, so it’s easy to switch on and off. The brush roll also stops spinning when the vacuum is put in the upright position – another very convenient feature.

As for cleaning the VU7000, that’s one of the best parts. The main dirt canister snaps off with one button and opens by pushing another button. One thing we noticed when doing our review was that everything came out of the dirt container without having to dig inside to remove long hair or anything else. Everything just fell right out, reducing any “ick factor” like some vacuums have.

Now that we’ve gone over the main vacuum, here’s the really cool part about this Samsung: It has a completely removable handheld vacuum built right in and, honestly, it’s one of the best handheld vacuums I’ve ever used. It’s lightweight with a long extension wand and brush attachment. It also has its own separate dirt canister which is also really easy to empty. Gross as it sounds, this is one of the best dead bug-picker-uppers and ceiling corner spider web suckers I have ever used.

The best feature about the handheld vac is that you don’t need the big vacuum to use it, as the cord is attached directly to the handheld unit. This means, unlike some models, you don’t have to drag the whole thing out to do one small job. The VU7000 by Samsung is really value in that you get 2 vacuums for the price of one.

How does it handle pet hair, dirt, and allergens? What about cat litter?

As for suction, this one is at the top of the list. We put it through the paces with copious amounts of dog hair, long human hair, dead bugs, cobwebs, food bits, and general household dirt and debris. It sucked up every bit of it.

It also gets right up under the kitchen cabinets because the cleaner head has such a low profile. However, because of this low profile and that the base hugs the floor for good suction, it’s a little too low to pick up bigger particles unless you pick up or tilt the vacuum a little. This seems to be the same across all high-end vacuums with amazing suction like Dyson or this unit. You can’t have the cleaner head higher off the ground to pick up larger pieces and have it hug the floor for good suction at the same time.

We found it easiest to go over the floor and get a good cleaning with the big vac, then pop off the handheld to suck up the larger bits.

As far as allergies, the Motion Sync is certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, similar to Dyson models. It incorporates the main filter as well as a HEPA filter into the design. Both are very easy to remove and clean, which you will want to do on a regular basis, especially if you have allergies or a lot of pet dander in your home.

As for cat litter on my hardwood floor, I was really impressed (and that’s saying something!). It picked up every bit of cat litter on my smooth floor without flinging any of it around. Did I say I’m impressed with the suction power of this vacuum cleaner?

What about storage?

Storage with this vacuum is a breeze, as there are no “extra parts” to keep track of. Everything fits together nicely on the main vacuum unit, so even though you have two separate vacuums (the upright and the handheld), it stores just like a regular upright.

How does it compare vs Dyson?

Dyson claims to have the best suction of any vacuum on the market, but in my opinion, if the vacuum sucks up everything in its path, that’s what matters. Inputting this one through its paces, we found that it did. Both the upright and handheld did a great job, and we even tried using other vacuum cleaners first. This one still found dirt the other ones had missed.

You’ll find the biggest difference between this Samsung model and any of the newer Dyson models is the design. While this one has Motion Sync technology, making it easier to steer, the Dysons have the ball, which makes them just a little easier to maneuver. While the Samsung has large wheels that aren’t a problem when the machine is turned on and going across the carpet, it does feel heavier when using it on hardwood floors and doesn’t seem quite as maneuverable versus a Dyson.

The most important difference between these two vacuum brands may be the price. You can get the Samsung at about a third of the price of the latest Dyson models.


  • Dimensions: 12.7” x 44” x 15”
  • Cleaning path width: 12.7”
  • Dust container capacity: .58 gallons (upright); 1.27 cups (handheld)
  • Cord length: 30’
  • Power: 10 amps with 200 air watts of suction power (50 air watts on the handheld)
  • Filters: 2 washable
  • Weight: 23.6 pounds
  • User Manual


While you can purchase a home cleaning kit with several different tools, the unit itself comes with an extension wand for the handheld vacuum and a fine nozzle with an incorporated brush tool.


  • Fantastic suction
  • Long cord
  • Low profile cleaner head to fit under cabinets
  • Great design with separate handheld that goes with you


There is only one major complaint about this vacuum – its weight. While it’s heavier than the latest Dyson DC65 model (about 17 pounds), you can also get it for less than half the price. As stated above, it moves really well on carpet and only feels a bit heavy on bare floors or if you’re moving it when the power is off. This will mostly only be an issue if you have back or shoulder problems or plan on lugging it up and down stairs often.

Overall Consumer Ratings

In overall reports and reviews, people who bought the Samsung VU7000 Motion Sync upright vacuum are really happy with it and love its performance. It has unbeatable suction, some of the best of any vacuum we’ve tried, and it will definitely clean your house top to bottom.

However, if you have shoulder or back problems or will be carrying this machine up and down stairs on a regular basis, you may want to take a look at the Shark Rotator, which is nearly 8 pounds lighter, one of the Dyson models (DC65 – 6 pounds lighterDC50 – 10 pounds lighter in weight), or the lightweight Shark Navigator, close to 10 pounds.

Again, if you have mostly carpet in your home, you probably won’t notice the weight issue, and overall, this Samsung canister vacuum cleaner is a really good value for the money. It also comes in two beautiful colors – a deep wine and a titanium silver

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