Shark Navigator Freestyle Reviews – With SV1100 VS SV1106

With the long-standing trust of the Shark brand name comes the Shark Navigator Freestyle cordless stick vacuum cleaner.  It incorporates many of the features of a full-sized upright into a lightweight. Easy to use the machine without the hassle of a cord in the way.

The Shark Navigator Freestyle sv1106 Reviews

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Ease of Use

It really doesn’t get much easier than this. Just charge the battery, pop it in, and you’re ready to go. The Shark Freestyle vacuum has two-speed settings. You can choose from One for hardwood or bare floors and the other for carpet.

Essentially, sweeper or stick vacs, as they are commonly known, are meant to take the place of a broom and dustpan. For this reason, you can’t expect them to perform as a heavy-duty cleaner like a big upright vacuum or heavy-duty canister. They are meant more for maintenance between big cleanings, and the Navigator Freestyle does a great job at this task.

For this reason, it works exceptionally well on hardwood and other bare floors or very low pile carpeting. You’ll find it won’t do as well on shag or other deep carpets, but then no-stick vac does. They simply don’t have the proper weight and the power to dig down deep into a heavy rug to pull out the dirt.

Pet Hair & Cat Litter

Consumer Reports rated the Freestyle the best stick vacuum for pet hair, and that says a lot. Overall, it does a good job getting up all types of animal fur on all types of floor surfaces.

As far as kitty litter, which has a tendency to get flung around on smooth floors by most vacuum cleaners, this Shark does a great job. One woman said in her review that it did kick some litter back if there was a large amount on the floor, but it also sucked it up rather quickly. She also said it does a great job getting close to the baseboard where those small pellets like to hide.

Charging & Battery Life

Most sticks or sweepers that are cordless take a very long time for the battery to recharge. The Navigator can be charged in as little as four hours. But you can also keep the battery on the charger in between cleanings. So it’s ready to go at all times.

One review says the user has had this machine for over a year. She keeps the battery on the charging base for better services. She says the battery hasn’t diminished and works just as well as when she first bought it. Some cordless vacuum manufacturers recommend you drain the battery all the way prior to recharging, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Overall, users are really impressed with the Shark Navigator Freestyle Battery life in their reviews. Even though it takes a while to charge, it seems to run a good long while once it’s ready to go. One woman says she vacuums her entire 2-story house without it every going dead on her.

Another review mentions the owner has a 3100 square foot house, and she can get it done before the battery goes dead. The higher speed, however, seems to take up more battery life. So, if you have mostly carpeting, it will likely need to be recharged sooner.


  • Weight: about 7 lbs.
  • Speeds: 2 for carpet & bare floors
  • Steering: Swivel
  • Charging time: 4-7 hours
  • Attachments Included: None
  • Filter: Washable
  • Volts: 120v
  • SV1106 User Manual


  • Does a good job cleaning up pet hair
  • Doesn’t damage hardwood floors
  • Great for bare floors & low pile carpet
  • Good edge cleaning


There are few complaints about this model in user reviews, but the main one is that it has no included attachments or tools. You just get the vacuum, the battery, and the charging base. While it works great as a sweeper, if you need something with an extension hose or wand and at least a brush or crevice tool, you may want to take a look at the Hoover Air Cordless. It comes with a combination crevice/dusting tool, a hard floor brush roll, a pivoting dusting tool, and a removable cleaning wand along with a 3-foot extension hose.

The other minor complaint is that you can’t turn the brush roll on and off. It only has a slow and fast speed. Most users aren’t bothered by this, as the suction is good and it doesn’t tend to fling small particles around on smooth flooring surfaces.

Shark sv1100 Vs sv1106 – Take Best One

The importance of vacuum cleaner in our world today cannot be overemphasized, imagine having to sweep and scrub through hard surfaces with your very hands daily. Maybe the only issue we face with vacuum cleaners today is that they are a lot of models out there, making it very difficult to choose one.

The Shark Sv1100 Vs Sv1106

Naturally, customers want to pay for a vacuum cleaner at a very cheap cost and vacuum manufacturers are trying so hard to meet up with that demand however difficult it may seem to be.

But dancing to the tune of the customers is very essential in any walk of business and to this effect, we are going to be introducing to you in this article to of the highest technical specification vacuum cleaner with high efficiency as usual that comes at a very cost-friendly price. these two products are Shark SV1100 and SV1106

You should already know by now that shark is one of the most reliable, creative and innovative manufacturers in the vacuum cleaner industry. A lot of customers who have in the past used a shark machine can testify to that. You can also check on the internet for the reviews and feedbacks that shark products keep garnering, it is simply exceptional.

However, for the shark to be in this position today, they have put in massive efforts, and it is being just a matter of time for them to get to the top which they are today. with the numerous products that they have put out already, the shark has gained massive production and marketing strategy, one which is second to none in this industry.

This has also made them be able to navigate their technology in such a way that they can match the demand of the general public. Some of the high tech products that shark have out there include shark rotator, shark navigator, shark rocket, amidst many others. Every one of these products has numerous models under them, and such is the work rate that shark put into their job.

The two models of vacuum cleaner we will be talking about today are from the shark navigator type of machine. The technology behind the makeup of shark navigator machines is such that they offer very high efficiency in cleaning floor surfaces like carpet.

Shark navigator machines are also known for their massive suction power, and working for long periods of time. Their edge against other types of vacuum cleaners is that they are very lightweight, easy to maneuver, and they are very easy to use this means that you do not need any expertise in operating shark navigator machines.

Shark SV1100 and SV1106 stand out has two of the most reliable shark navigator machines, and oftentimes customers find it difficult to choose between both machine models. To this effect, we are going to make a comparison of both, and bring to light their similarities and differences in such a way that you will know the one that is most suitable for you.

The Shark SV1100 VS SV1106 Review and Comparison

Shark Navigator Freestyle (SV1106)
Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1100

Comparing both models of shark products may be quite easy because they are both from the fine line technology of shark navigator, and so you can expect a number of similarities from them.

However, this does not imply that they are the same in all facet. We are going to be talking about the differences that they have based on their designs, portability, efficiency or cleaning performance, accessories and features, prices, as well as customer’s feedback and reviews. At the end of the article, we hope to be able to convince you the major difference between Shark SV1100 and SV1106

Shark SV1100 vs SV1106 Comparison Table

Shark SV1100Shark SV1106
Motorized brushYesYes
Rechargeable batteriesYesYes
Swivel steeringYesYes
2 speed modes for carpet and bare floorsYesNo
HEPA filtrationNoNo
Weight7.2 lbs10.6 lbs
Weight7.2 lbs10.6 lbs

The Design

Both Shark SV1100 and SV1106 have a very similar outlook appearance. And this is one of the reasons why customers cannot differentiate easily from both models. The major reason for this similar outlook design. So that they are both models of the shark navigator freestyle cordless vacuum cleaner. But closely observing and paying attention to both machines. When they stand side by side, you are going to realize that there are actually some dissimilarities.

The first obvious difference is the color of both of them. Shark SV1100 is silver, while Shark SV1106 mostly come is pure white color. After that, another difference that they share is in the dimension and size of the products. The measurements on this are 10.5 X 9.8 X 46 inches, and 10.5 X 9.6 X 46 inches respectively.

However, outstandingly, both products are built in such a way that all and sundry are being taken into consideration. They are the most suitable models for old people that have spine-related products, as well as tall people so as not to bend too much.

The Portability

Shark SV1100 and SV1106 may look to be very large and study, both in the real sense of things they are actually very lightweight with sizes of 7.2 and 4.66 pounds respectively. If you are familiar with shark products, you will know that the swivel steering is their means of navigation and for Shark SV1100 and SV1106 models, this is not an exemption.

The steering allows for the easy maneuver of the machines through a room while cleaning it. The dust cup of both machines is also very easy to clean and empty, and they can last for a very long period of time.

Cleaning Performance

This is actually the most important part of every vacuum cleaner, and I envisage that you must have been earnestly waiting to hear about their efficiency. I will try to elaborate on this because as a vacuum cleaner enthusiast, I know that the cleaning performance is the most important aspect of the machine. You can also check the shark navigator freestyle manual. That being said we are going to analyze these cleaning performances under the following points

  • Shark SV1100 and SV1106 are very identical, as they both use the same type of battery; a 14.4 volts’ battery. However, even with this similarity, there could be differences in the longevity of the batteries as the manual for Shark SV1100 states that charging it up can take up to 3 to 6 hours, and also it can run for about 17 to 24 minutes with the brush on and off respectively. Shark SV1106, on the other hand, can take 4 to 7 hours to recharge, and 12 to 17 minutes when the brush is on and off respectively.
  • The dust cup helps inconvenience for the users, as it is quite large which means that it can take enough dirt. The dust cups are also easy to empty.
  • Shark SV1100 and SV1106 are both designed with a very strong motorized brush that helps to trap the dirt effectively.

The Price

Like earlier mentioned, both models are manufactured to meet up with customers’ demand for a good vacuum cleaner at a relatively affordable price. Hence Shark SV1100 and SV1106 are ideal for middle or low-income earners.


A lot of internet reviews have been quite positive with Shark SV1100 rates 3.8 and almost 60% of the customers giving it 5 stars. The portability and the suction power were really recommended, while most found the noise irritating.

For Shark SV1106, people were very satisfied with the lightweight of the machine, as well as its designs. The only complaints were its relatively long charge time.

Compare Result

The Shark SV1106 seems to be an upgraded version of the Shark SV1100, however, critically looking at the two there aren’t notable differences. They share almost the same working performance and designs. However, you may want to go for the shark navigator freestyle cordless stick vacuum cleaner – sv1106 because it is the latest.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a hearty yet lightweight stick vacuum. That is powerful enough to pick up tough pet hair but can also suck up breakfast cereal like Cheerios. The Shark Navigator Freestyle is a good vacuum for your cleaning. It does a great job on hardwood floors without scratching them, and it gets up nice and close to edges. Overall, it’s a good investment, even if you’re on a budget since the price is low compared to other sweepers or stick vacuums.

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