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The Shark Rocket Professional seems to be this company’s attempt at making a lighter more convenient upright vacuum that sells at a lower price point. While many users like this vacuum, many of the reviews lean strongly in one direction or the other. In other words, most users love it… or not. Some of the Shark vacuum reviews, such as those for the Navigator and Rotator, have hundreds of really positive reviews and are generally reviewed as being the superstars of the Shark line. So, if you’re considering the Shark Rocket pro, it may be the perfect choice for you, but you also may want to take a look at the other models before you make the purchase.

One nice thing about this model is that it does have a button where you can turn the brush roll on or leave it off for hardwood floors. This means it is less likely to fling small bits around your bare floors as happens with a spinning brush. It’s also nice that the brush roll automatically stops running when the vacuum is in the upright position then goes back on when you tip it down to vacuum. It’s a nice convenient feature. Reviews are mixed on the noise when the brush roll is running – some reviews say it’s really loud (1), others say it’s quiet, so it really is subjective compared to what you’re used to.

The dust cup is convenient and easy to empty, and one fantastic feature is the HEPA filter (2), which is supposed to last a lifetime and is washable. HEPA filters (3) are essential on a vacuum if you have someone in your household who suffers from allergies (4) or if you have a lot of pet hair and dander (5, 6, 7). Like other Shark models with a removable dust container, both are easy to remove and empty by pushing just one button while holding it over the trash.

Even though it’s only 13 pounds, this vacuum seems sturdy. Buying a vacuum made of plastic has been a concern in the past, but it seems technology (8) has caught up enough where a durable sturdy appliance can be made of plastic and therefore has the advantage of being lightweight and easy to steer, turn, lift and carry up the stairs. When compared with the Shark Rotator Professional, some reviewers liked this model better, saying it is lighter and easier to maneuver. While they both have swivel steering and a similar design, the Rocket Professional is about 2 pounds lighter.

The headlights are another nice feature (9). While not essential, it’s a nice added bonus.

One thing that was noted via review is that the Shark Rocket Professional is easy to take apart if you need to. The buttons are all clearly labeled as well, so you know what part will release when you push them. This is really convenient if, for instance, you have long hair and need to untangle it from the brush roll (10) on occasion.

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Accessories & Tools

  • Quick release wand
  • 5.5” crevice tool
  • 18” flexible crevice tool
  • 18″ fixed crevice tool
  • Dusting brush
  • Multi angle dusting brush
  • Small turbo brush
  • Under appliance wand
  • Pet (11) brush
  • Accessory bag

The dusting brush and small crevice tool are stored on board. All other tools are separate. One model comes with an accessory bag to keep everything in one place.


  • Cleaning path width: 11”
  • Dust cup capacity: 1.8 dry quarts, or nearly ½ gallon
  • Cord length: 30’
  • Power (12): 700 watts
  • Filters: Washable HEPA filters (13, 14)
  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Total hose reach: 8.2’


  • Very easy to push and use
  • HEPA filter for allergy relief (15, 16, 17)


  • Suction could be better in corners
  • Doesn’t do so great picking up bits from hardwood floors (One review said it left taco cheese behind on the hardwood floor even after a few passes.)
  • Doesn’t clean really well on shag carpet (18, 19)

Consumer Ratings

This vac received 4 out of 5 stars in overall consumer reports. Users love the swivel steering and ease of use. It was also said that the pet tool works really well. It seems the favorite things about this vacuum are the tools which add to its versatility.


The Shark Rocket Professional Upright vacuum currently retails for $200 and up depending on what tools and accessories are included. Whether you’d like to buy this vacuum or a different model, Amazon has some really great prices so you can save a few dollars and have it shipped right to your door.

Summary & Recommendations

Overall, most users seem to like this vacuum. However, many also complain that it just doesn’t have much suction power (20). This may not be so important if you have a home without a lot of traffic or animals. However, if you have pets, kids or a lot of activity, you need a machine that really picks up without you working at it so hard. Looking closer, you’ll see it has about half the wattage of other Shark models like the popular Shark Rotator and Shark Navigator. I say if you’re going to spend $200 on a new vacuum, spend just a little bit more and get something that really sucks.