2015 Best Vacuums for Pet Hair Infographic

If you’re like most of us who have pets, you’ve also got an abundance of long or short pet hair stuck to your floors and furniture but also the dander that goes with it and can make you sneeze. As much as we love our fur babies, it can be a challenge to keep the house clean when it comes to their hair (and muddy paws, but that’s another story…). With that in mind, this list of the best vacuums for pet hair of 2015 should help in deciding the best way to keep the house clean with both pets and people alike!

1. Dyson DC65 Animal Complete

With a sealed HEPA filtration system that traps not only pet dander but also dust, mold and pollen and better suction than any other model available, the Dyson DC65 Animal Complete by far beats out any other for the best vacuum for pet hair. While it is pricey, it has the highly rated features, design and performance to back up the high price tag.

2. Shark Rotator Powered TruePet

A notch up from the Shark Rotator 3 in 1 Professional, the new Rotator TruePet offers the same powerful motor but has specific modifications making this a great pet hair vacuum cleaner. It has the same 3 in 1 lift away options including an upright, canister and handheld incorporated right into the design, but it’s different in a few new and improved areas. Namely, it has fingertip controls to change the height of the base plate and brush roll, but it also comes with several tools specialized for picking up both long and short cat and dog hair from hardwood floors, Concrete Floors, carpets and upholstery including leather and cloth.

3. Dyson DC59 Animal

This latest in the Dyson Digital Slim series of convertible handheld and upright combination vacuums is one of the most powerful yet. Weighing in at less than 5 pounds, it easily converts from an upright with strong suction to a handheld with a variety of attachments, including a mini motorized brush that pulls pet hair off the fabric and other surfaces. It also has the benefit of being cordless, so you can keep it on the docking station when not in use, and it will always be ready to go when you are.

4. Dyson DC50 Animal

Another amazing product from Dyson, the DC50 Animal is a compact cleaner. It still has the self-adjusting articulating base plate like the larger models, but it’s a great choice if you want something smaller and more lightweight.

5. Shark Rocket TruePet

Much like the DC59, the Shark Rocket TruePet converts from an upright vac into a handheld vacuum by just removing the extension hose. While this one has a cord, it still incorporates enough power for any job. Shark has included many attachments with this new model including the standard crevice tool and dusting brush but also several tools specifically designed for animal hair, making it one of the best vacuums for pet hair available on the market today.

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