Irobot Roomba 805 vs 880 – Step by Step

Roomba 805 and 880 are part of the upgraded 800s series from iRobot. Picking either one of them for purchase can be tricky, considering both Roombas share quite a few features. In this comparison guide, we are going to put both these devices head to head and review them in detail. Read Our Irobot Roomba 805 vs 880 Comparison –

If you have used a Roomba before, you already know how efficient it is, compared to a vacuum machine, in keeping the floors clean. For those who are buying a Roomba for the first time, all you need to do to operate it is to schedule your cleaning times. The robot cleaner will automatically get the cleaning job started when the scheduled time approaches.

The Roomba 805 vs 880 – With Review

Roomba 805 is iRobot’s basic option in the latest 800s generation. It has all the fundamental features that you expect from a robot cleaner. Roomba 880, on the other hand, is a high-end model in 2018’s series, with advanced technologies and higher cleaning performance.

Let’s dig deeper and check out how the features of both Roombas compare to each other in sections below.

iRobot – Manufacturer

iRobot is the world’s largest consumer robot manufacturer. Having launched its first Roomba in 2002, this company has grown in leaps and bounds, with its Roombas becoming smarter and more efficient with each generation. The company is known for producing high quality and consumer-centric products.

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Roomba 805 vs 880 – Comparison Chart:

Model nameRoomba 805Roomba 880
Size18.2 x 16.5 x 5.5 inches13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches
Weight8.4 pounds8.4 pounds
iAdapt NavigationYesYes
Automatic CleaningYesYes
AeroForce ExtractorsYesYes
Two Dual Mode Virtual WallYesNo
Automatically docks and rechargesNoYes
Remote ControlNoYes


At first glance, it is hard to differentiate the design of Roomba 805 and Roomba 880. Like other iRobot robot vacuums, these two also come in a typical round shape, with a minimalistic outlook.

With a standard black body, both Roombas fit well in almost all kinds of decor, which means that they will not stick out like sore thumbs. The overlay of control buttons is similar for both devices, with the only difference being Roomba 805 having them in black color, while Roomba 880 has them in silver color. At the center of both machines is a green on/off push button, to manually start and end cleaning.

Overall, there is little to take away from the design of both Roombas. Having said that, the black and silver conjunction on Roomba 880 gives it a more stylish look.

Weight And Size

Roombas are mostly light in weight, compared to other domestic robot cleaners. This is one of the reasons why they are popular in the industry. The case is the same for Roomba 805 and Roomba 880. Both these machines weigh around eight pounds, which makes them convenient to carry around when needed.

Size-wise, Roomba 880 (13.9×13.9×3.6 inches) is more compact when put against Roomba 805 (18.2×16.5×5.5 inches) model. Being a higher scale model, this is expected for Roomba 880. Its smaller size allows it to reach tighter corners of the floor and go under most furniture for cleaning.

Features – Irobot Roomba 805 vs 880

iRobot Roomba 805
iRobot Roomba 805
iRobot Roomba 880
iRobot Roomba 880

This is the most important section to compare both Roomba models. The features of iRobot 805 and iRobot 880 determine their cleaning performance under different conditions and will allow you to learn which one is more suitable for your requirement. What Both The Models Have.

  • The latest 800 series by iRobot includes an AreoForce cleaning system in all models, including 805 and 880. This patented cleaning system has a unique algorithm that detects the cleaning situation and then integrates agitation, brushing and suction modes to remove any dust, smut or hair on the floor. This system also adapts to different types of floors and operates accordingly, leading to fifty percent greater cleaning compared to older generations of Roombas.
  • An upgraded iAdapt Navigation system in both Roombas allows them to do their cleaning job smartly. This navigation system is supported by a set of sensors around the device, which intelligently map your home/room and then create a path for your iRobot to follow for cleaning. With its internal mapping, your Roomba can avoid any obstacles in its way during cleaning, such as a chair, a sofa, a bed, etc. In the latest generation of Roombas, the navigation system is more precise and efficient, creating an optimum cleaning path to get the cleaning done faster and better. It’s mechanism also learns if any changes occur in the environment and quickly adapts to the present situation.
  • Roomba 805 and Roomba 880 come with AeroForce Extractors, which removes dirt and debris by utilizing a set of rotating rubber-tread extractors. These extractors can rotate in, both, clockwise and counter-clockwise direction, which ensures that any dust or hair is caught and broken down. By incorporating a patented AeroForce technology, these Roombas are able to use a higher suction force and produce a better airflow for cleaning any floor’s surface.
  • Owing to their smart design and embedded adaptable technologies, both Roomba 805 and Roomba 880 can run maintenance-free for a long time.

Key Differences – iRobot Roomba 805 vs 880

  • Given the array of similarities of both models, you may be wondering what sets them apart. Roomba 880 is a higher-end model and comes with a greater air power than Roomba 805 version, which means that it can collect dust and hair better.
  • Roomba 880 also has an updated HEPA filtration technology, in contrast with the regular filtration technology used by Roomba 805. The former system allows for advanced filtering of minute particles, such as pollens and other types of allergens. With such harmful particles removed from your environment, the HEPA technology enables a fresher atmosphere in your home.
  • With the X life powerful battery, iRobot 880 has more power for cleaning, a longer charging cycle, and longer operating life. Roomba 805 model still has the standard lithium battery, which has its own benefits such as fast charging and longer dissipation time. However, the lithium battery cannot match the X life battery’s power.
  • The Roomba 880 can automatically dock and start recharging making it quite autonomous in nature. The Roomba 805 does not come with such a feature and has to be manually put to charge.
  • Roomba 880 can be controlled via remote control. This feature does not come with 805 models. With the remote control in your hand, you can start or stop the device from afar, making it convenient for the user.


It is not a surprise that Roomba 880 is more expensive than the Roomba 805 model, given the former model’s premium features. For small to mid-level budget, an 805 is quite sufficient but if you have the money to splash, you should opt for the more advanced Roomba 880.


Overall, both iRobot Roomba 805 and 880 are excellent robot cleaners. They both come with the high manufacturing quality and reliable performance for which iRobot cleaners are known for.

Roomba 880 will take the cake in terms of sheer cleaning performance and features, but Roomba 805 is nevertheless an impressive product for keeping both your tile and laminate floors clean. You may want to consider getting a pair of Roombas if your home is large and contains pets.

Pick the model which best fits your budget and feature requirements, and then sit back with a glass of wine while the Roomba does all the hard work for you.

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