Shark Ion 720 vs 750 – Updated Information

Robot vacuum cleaners are probably no stranger to you, especially if you’re into Internet browsing or watching TV. Because they have such smart features and allow you to save time, they keep becoming more and more popular. Shark is one of the most popular vacuum cleaner brands. Now we compare Shark Ion 720 vs 750 robotic vacuum cleaner.

The Shark Ion Robot 720 Vs 750 Compare

Shark Ion 720 vs 750

Since they have so much popularity, a lot of brands keep making these little machines. Considering all of them make offers when it comes to the features the products have, deciding upon one model is difficult.

Therefore, comparing them is the way to go when you’re confused about which one is better. In this post, we’re going to compare two models, the Shark Ion Robot 720 vs 750.

The Shark Ion Robot 720 Overview

Shark ION Robot Dual-Action Robot Vacuum Cleaner 720

This model is very efficient in keeping your floors clean in between sessions with an upright vacuum. It was amazingly manufactured to offer you great performance, so here is what you should know about it before taking any decision:

Shark Ion Robot 720 – Features

HEPA Filters

Allergies are annoying, and vacuums that don’t have HEPA filters only add to the already big struggle. Thankfully, Shark Ion Robot 720 features these filters, and you can have a machine that vacuums your floors while protecting your nasal tract.

Basically, these filters guard the dust and the dirt that are sent into the dustbin, preventing them from invading the air in your household. HEPA filters can trap allergens such as pollen, dander, dust, and others. Therefore, those who deal with allergy and asthma symptoms can live happily while the floor is properly vacuumed.

Three-Stage Cleaning System

The model comes with a main brush of big size that is efficient in loosening up the dust and dirt from your floors. It is able to pick up even more dirt, debris and hair because of the helix pattern of the brush.

Moreover, the robot has a self-cleaning brush that manages and untangles the hair that gathers on it. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it not picking up the dirt anymore. You will clean the brushless frequently while still enjoying the vacuum’s great performance.

The main brush of the vacuum is complemented by two side brushes that are able to offer an even larger area of cleaning. They spin in order to sweep the dust and dirt from the corners, as well as the edges of the walls. The dirt they take is sent into the dustbin, at the end.

Sensor-Based Navigation Technology

Sensors are a great feature, and the manufacturers knew how to use them in order to make a high-performing device. Basically, the sensors implemented with this model help the robot vacuum find its way around the room.

Therefore, it knows how to detect the walls, furniture or any obstacles on the floor, and it can avoid bumping into them. The size of the model, that being of only 2.6 inches, allows it to clean under furniture, offering a better cleaning. If the furniture lies very low, the robot can go around it easily.

As such, the 720 can properly clean low-pile carpets and bare floors without bumping into anything.

Anti-Drop Sensors

Shark Ion Robot 720 also has the ability to detect whenever it gets near stairs or other steep drops. This is helpful because it prevents the device from falling and damaging as a result, so you could own it for a longer time without it malfunctioning because of drops.

Cleaning Modes

While it cleans, the 720 moves in different directions, choosing the best path in order to offer the greatest cleaning there is. Still, if you only want the vacuum to focus on a single area, you can use the spot cleaning mode and it will do that. In that mode, the robot vacuum does circular moves in a smaller area to clean it the right way.

Remote Control

A remote control is always great because it allows you to control the device without having to go to where it is to press buttons. The remote control can be used to activate the spot cleaning mode, scheduling the cleaning time and manually docking the robot vacuum.

Lithium-Ion Battery

The battery Shark Ion Robot 720 uses a 14.8-volt 2600 mah lithium-ion battery. It allows the machine to run for around 60 minutes. When the battery gets low, the robot vacuum will go to the charging dock to recharge by itself. This is another great feature, especially if you forget to recharge it.

Bot-boundary Strips

These strips are used over doorways to keep the robot vacuum from crossing the doors and enter another room. This way, the machine can clean only one room that you’re focused on. This is also useful if the child is playing in the other room, and you may fear the vacuum will go there and scare the child.

The Shark ION Robot 750 Overview

Shark ION Robot Vacuum WIFI-Connected 750

Basically, the Shark Ion Robot 720 vs 750 are almost the same – except that the 750 has two additional features.

Shark ION Robot 750 – Additional Features

It works with Alexa

Alexa is a great way to use vocal commands to order the device what to do. Therefore, if you’re too busy doing something else and you can’t walk towards, you can order it what to do.

Wi-Fi Connection

The Wi-Fi connection is a great feature, as it lets your robot vacuum connect to the Wi-Fi network, thus allowing you to set the cleaning schedules with your smartphone. Therefore, you don’t have to rely only on the remote control.

So, 750 may be a better option if you’re a busy person. With just some extra money, you can enjoy these two extra features that come with it. For people who are not so good with technology, the 720 may be a better option. It doesn’t require you to go through the Wi-Fi settings.


  • They both recharge automatically once the battery goes low.
  • They come with magnetic strips that you could use to prevent the device from going to another room.
  • HEPA filters are implemented with both models.
  • They both have a lithium-ion battery.
  • The clearance height is the same in both the 750 and the 720 models. It is of a mere 2.6 inches.
  • They both use Smart Sensor Technology, which allows them to map the path and then clean the room according to the map.
  • They both offer you local control options on the robot.
  • For both of these models, you can create routines, schedules and cleaning cycles for regular and proper cleaning.
  • The Spot Clean feature is available in both units.
  • They work with most floor types.


  • The Shark 720 doesn’t have Wi-Fi connectivity, while the 750 does.
  • Shark 720 has a remote control, but the 750 doesn’t have it.
  • Shark 750 has a mobile app for control, while the other doesn’t.
  • 750 works with Amazon Alexa and 720 doesn’t.

Final Thoughts

When you’re looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that operates in a great way and cleans your floor the way you wish, the Shark Ion Robot series may be what you need. Whichever you choose between Shark Ion Robot 720 vs 750 depends on your preferences and possibilities – and this comparison may help you determine that.

720 is a great alternative for those who are not so good with technology and it’s easier to set up. However, 750 definitely wins the battle, considering it comes with wireless communication and Amazon Alexa as a way to control it.

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