Dyson DC47 Review – How Does this “Animal” Perform?

Many long-time Dyson users love their full size upright and even larger canister vacuums but have wondered why this flagship company hasn’t made a nice small version for quick cleanups or for those who live in much smaller homes or apartments with limited area to clean and limited storage. Enter the Dyson DC47.

Is it easy to use?

First, with the company’s proprietary ball technology, the Dyson DC47 Animal has all the motorized components located inside an enclosed ball at the base of the unit. Not only does it mean all the most important parts are protected, but it also keeps the bulk of the vacuum’s weight in the perfect place – close to the ground. This central steering system also means it steers very easily.

The upgraded 5 roller ball wheels on this little machine also means it’s easier to steer and follows you around better than other canisters on the market. The 5 wheels also contribute to its stability so it can make very short turns and tends to stay upright instead of tipping over as it rolls along.

Another convenience that many users don’t even know about is that the extension wand is adjustable so it’s just as easy to clean up close as it is from far away. Combined with the fact that the Dyson DC47 Animal canister vacuum is very compact and easy to pull makes this one easy to use machine.

What about allergies and dirt?

One really fancy feature about Dyson vacuums is that the dirt container is not only clear; it’s made of the same ABS polycarbonate material that is used to make riot shields. Some people who haven’t owned a Dyson wonder if the plastic materials used will withstand the test of time. What they don’t realize is that these plastic compounds really are meant to last. Consumer Reports rates Dyson vacuums high for reliability.

As for allergies, the entire line of these high end vacuum cleaners is certified as allergy and asthma friendly by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America. This not only means they pick up more dirt but also suck up finer particles that you may not even see that could make you sick.

But is it a good vacuum?

The Dyson DC 47 is not only easy to use, but it works really well. It has upgraded technology when compared with older models. While all vacuums from the company have great suction, this new technology has 32 cyclones across 2 tiers, making them much more powerful than previous models, which only have 1 tier and half the cyclones or less.

To further help it with its cleaning job, this cutting edge vacuum cleaner combines carbon and nylon fibers in its cleaning head brush. Most vacuums only offer nylon bristles, which do a good job of cleaning carpets but also build up static, so much of the dust and dirt stick to it instead of getting sucked into the machine for disposal.

By combining nylon and carbon fiber in the bristles, the nylon works well to dig into carpet fibers, while the carbon fibers are best for getting dirt and dust from bare floors.

The Dyson DC47 Animal also comes with Dyson’s patented turbine tool, specifically engineered for picking up pet hair without the hairs getting tangled in the brushes. Instead of having one big roller brush for animal hair to wrap around, it incorporates two individual brushes that rotate in opposite directions to catch hair and dirt from all directions.

This tool is also flexible, so it’s really good for getting into uneven surfaces, like that of upholstery, whether in your home or in your car.

Do I need a lot of room to store it?

This is one of the smallest canister vacuums on the market, so you won’t need much room at all to store it. Additionally, the hose attachment hooks onto the front of the unit, so you won’t have to worry about it falling over or finding a place to hang it up for storage.

Tools & Accessories: What comes with it?

  • Tangle-free turbine tool – for pet hair on carpet and upholstery
  • Carbon fiber floor cleaning head – great for bare floors
  • Stair tool – a smaller cleaning head great for stairs or smaller spaces
  •  Combination tool – small nozzle that converts to a brush for dusting or upholstery

What is the warranty?

Dyson provides a excelent parts and labor warranty when you purchase from an authorized reseller.

Dyson DC47 Animal Canister Vacuum Specifications (specs)

  • Cleaning path width: 8.4”
  • Dust container capacity: 0.153 gallons
  • Cord length: 16.4’ with an automatic rewinder (push a button, and it goes back into the vacuum)
  • Filters: Washable lifetime filters
  • Power: 170 air watts
  • Weight: 13.84 pounds
  • Maximum reach: 27.36’
  • Dimensions: 11.5” x 8.7” x 17.6”


  • In more than one Dyson DC47 Animal review, people who bought the vacuum comment repeatedly that they love that the attachments are really easy to use: They are easy to change in and out, and they fasten well so they are stable and don’t detach during use.
  • Users love that this Dyson canister compact and portable.
  • It is fantastic at getting to hard to reach places.
  • The automatic cord is something most users never thought they’d care about, but now they can’t live without it.


There are two things people complain about in Dyson DC47 reviews. First is the small capacity of the dirt container. If you have a larger home or have a lot of dirt or pets, you’re going to be emptying it more often. Of course, this is to be expected from such a compact model Dyson canister vacuum, as there really isn’t room to hold more.

The second area of concern is the length of the cord. Even though the vacuum has a 27.36-foot reach, the cord is only 16.4 feet. This means if you have a larger home, you’ll be unplugging and replugging a lot more than with other vacuum cleaners.

If either of these items is a concern for you or you do have quite large spaces to clean, looking into the Dyson DC39 Animal might be a good idea. It’s a very similar unit but larger with a longer cord.

Consumer Ratings

In reviews of this little powerhouse, it gets an overall score of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and most users would highly recommend it to their friends. There is no question that this qualifies as a best rated vacuum.

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The Dyson DC47 Animal compact canister vacuum currently retails for about $$$, however, if you shop online you’ll definitely get the best price. Amazon offers many Dyson vacuum cleaners on sale and is currently offering a big discount where you can get this machine for about $$$ with free shipping.

Also, if the price is still too steep for your budget, you can sometimes get refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaners at a cheap price compared with the newer models.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the DC 47 is a great machine that performs exactly as advertised, making it one of the top rated vacuum cleaners in its class. If you have a small apartment or home and have pets, this might be the perfect pick for you. This would also be a good choice if you have a full size upright and just need a small canister for in-between cleanings or smaller jobs.

However, if you are concerned that you would overload this vacuum cleaner and would have to empty the small canister repeatedly every time you clean, we recommend the Dyson DC39 animal. It performs well. The biggest difference is the size.

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  1. I have a DC 47 vacuum AJ one you SGAA0525 a it came with no directions on how to clean it does anybody have any idea how I can clean this vacuum cleaner I take it out and I emptied the case but it’s got a screen around it and I can’t get it off any suggestions or how I can get directions to cleaning


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