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Can You Get A Refurbished Dyson?

There are some household appliances that most homeowners would be willing to pay a lot more money for in order to get the highest quality product, and a Dyson vacuum cleaner certainly falls into that category. Dyson vacuum cleaners are among the most popular vacuum cleaners worldwide, and this popularity is backed up with patented technology, and almost 30 years’ worth of happy customers.
But, there is a definite downside of purchasing a Dyson vacuum cleaner (that would be the cost). For many people, a new Dyson vacuum cleaner is simply out of the question, especially one of the newer models. For those individuals who cannot or choose not to pay full price, purchasing a Dyson refurbished model may be a better option. Even if it’s last year’s model or one that’s a few years old, this manufacturer puts their reconditioned and remanufactured vacs through a rigorous testing process, and they still have a warranty so you’re protected if anything goes wrong.

Are You Considering A Dyson Vacuum Cleaner?

Although you may think that you are getting a better deal by purchasing another brand, the reality of it is that you may end up with the vacuum cleaner that does not last or does not do the job. Even the best vacuum cleaner made by other brands simply does not touch the level of effectiveness that you would find from the most affordable of all the Dyson vacuum cleaners.
Unless you have actually tried a Dyson in person, you may not believe or understand this claim, so it is certainly worth trying one out for yourself. Otherwise, if you have a friend or family member who has a Dyson, it is likely that they will tell you just how much they love it. User reviews also extol their virtues. Most people who buy one use it for years and brag about it to anyone who will listen.

What are you getting with a Dyson refurbished vacuum?

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What Is The Best Way To Save Money On A Dyson?

There are a few ways that you can go about saving money on a Dyson vacuum cleaner (whether it’s an upright or Dyson vacuum canister), but if you are intent on buying a new one, you could end up waiting a long time. Because of the popularity and demand for Dyson vacuum cleaners, most retailers do not provide any discount on these vacuums. There is simply no need to do so since there are already so many people in line for a Dyson. It’s rare to find a Dyson vacuum sale. If you are set on purchasing a brand new Dyson, you can certainly do so, but it will cost you plenty.
One way of saving money on a Dyson vacuum cleaner is by purchasing a factory refurbished Dyson, which is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Factory refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaners usually have a six-month guarantee on parts and labor, allowing you the time to ensure that it is as good as new.

Are Refurbished Dyson Vacuums Good? dyson refurbished

If you’re asking yourself, “Should I buy a refurbished model?” that’s a great question. In the case of other manufacturers, a refurbished vacuum cleaner might not be a good idea, but a refurbished Dyson is altogether different. The Dyson factory reconditioned these models themselves, and it does so by breaking them down, completely cleaning them and reassembling them. They are then thoroughly tested to ensure that they are working properly and have the full suction expected by Dyson.
In addition to being able to offer consumers a more affordable way to own their vacuum cleaners, Dyson also offers this service as a way to essentially recycle many of the parts. This helps to save the environment and makes owning a Dyson a lot easier for many people.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Refurbished Dyson?

The only real difference between owning a refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaner and a brand-new one is that a refurbished one may have a few scratches or some small cosmetic damage, but nothing that is noticeable to anyone but you. These vacuum cleaners have been thoroughly tested to be as efficient and powerful as brand-new ones. In short, there is no downside at all to owning a refurbished Dyson.
Another benefit of owning a reconditioned Dyson is that you may be able to get a more recent model that you would have if you were forced to pay full price. It is not uncommon to save $100 or more on a refurbished or remanufactured model, which can give you a lot more for your money than buying new.
For instance, you can get the Dyson DC40 Multi Floor or Dyson Digital Slim vacuum for about $140 off if you buy a refurbished or factory reconditioned model. Newer models like the aren’t available as refurbished yet, but keep your eyes open, as they’ll be available soon. In the end, buying refurbished Dysons is about the only way to get cheap Dyson vacuums.

What Models are Available?

Some of last year’s Dyson models are usually available as reconditioned. This includes the cordless stick and sweeper versions as well as some of the full size ball design or compact uprights including those for animals and pets. For instance, Amazon currently has the following available and ready to ship (we update this list daily):

Animal & Pet

Dyson Uprights: Ball, DC24, DC25, DC40, DC41, DC50, DC65 and DC66

Dyson Canister Vacs: DC39 Multi Floor & Animal and DC47

Stick Vacs – DC44, DC59, V6, V8, Cordless, Handheld & Motorhead Models

Where Can You Buy A Factory Refurbished Dyson Vacuum Cleaner?

One thing that you do need to be careful of when purchasing any refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaner is that it is essential that it was refurbished in the Dyson factory. Some local retailers may claim that a particular Dyson has been refurbished by their own engineers, but they often don’t use the same level of quality and testing that you would get if Dyson did it themselves. is one retailer that offers great deals on factory reconditioned and refurbished vacuum cleaners (often at cheaper prices than even a Dyson outlet store or shop). You can even get free shipping(!). On their website, we found popular factory reconditioned and refurbished models like at significant savings. These vacuums all have great reviews, so they certainly should be considered.

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By going to a reputable online Dyson dealer, you will see that they offer a variety of refurbished models, including canister vacuums, upright vacuums, cordless vacuums, and vacuums designed for different surfaces. By purchasing directly from an authorized dealer, you will be assured that the vacuum cleaner you are getting meets Dyson standards and will certainly meet yours, often at a very fair price.