What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner? Experts Explaination

One thing is sure in the busy age we live in: Every household needs a vacuum cleaner. But, of course, you’ll want to buy the best you can afford. For this reason, it’s worth taking a look at the top-rated vacuum cleaners, as there’s something for every budget and use. Have pet hair all over your house and furniture? There’s a machine for that. Picking up cereal and debris left around by the kids, or do you want your home to be as clean as it can be? Whatever your situation, one of the top-rated vacuums is likely a good choice for you, as they vary to suit just about any budget. So, what is the best vacuum cleaner?

What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

This year brings up a whole new crop of the best vacuum cleaners, and some of the best news is that the unique model Dysons have come down in price. (The refurbished older models are even cheaper if you don’t mind one with a few miles on it.) While Dyson hits the top again, Miele is right up there as well. While the Miele vacs don’t always have all the bells and whistles of Dyson and the styling isn’t quite as appealing, make no mistake that these uprights not only have power – they have staying power.

Another long-standing favorite that again makes our list is vacuumed from Shark. This company has done a great job coming up with innovation in a mid-priced cleaner, and this year they don’t disappoint. A close contender with the Shark Navigator is the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser upright. You may be familiar with their handheld vacuum by the same name, and they’ve now brought that technology and more into a full-size unit.

5 Top Rated Vacuum Cleaner

ModelDyson Ball Multi FloorMiele Dynamic U1Shark Rotator ProfessionalBissell Pet Hair EraserShark Navigator Professional
Weight (pounds)17.3221.415.51813.7
Tools Included– combination tool – stair tool– dusting brush – crevice & upholstery tool – rotating pet hair brush – also comes with 1 bag– dusting brush – crevice tool – powered pet brush – car detail kit– LED lit crevice tool – 2 in 1 pet brush – pet TurboEraser– dusting brush – crevice tool – power pet brush – hard floor attachment with microfiber pads
Cord Length30′39′30′30′30′
Dimensions43.3″ x 13.4″ x 17.2″14.4″ x 13.4″ x 46.5″12.2″ x 13.4″ x 45.7″13.5″ x 12.4″ x 46.8″15″ x 11.4″ x 45.5″
Dust Container Capacity (gallons)0.55N/A0.330.400.55
Power270 air watts1200 watts1200 watts8.5 amps (935 watts)1200 watts
FilterWashable with HEPA filterAirClean washable filter with active charcoal – captures 99.9% of particlesSealed system with anti-allergy washable filterSealed allergy system with washable filterSealed system (washable) with HEPA filter

1. Dyson Ball Multi Floor

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We introduced the Dyson Ball Multi Floor at about the same time as the Dyson Cinetic line, but this one gets much better user reviews (and it’s less expensive). Like other Dysons, it has a cleaner head that adjusts by itself, so there’s nothing you have to do when vacuuming from hardwood or bare floors onto carpeted areas. Among its most loved features is a new whole-machine HEPA system, which traps allergens and bacteria unlike any other vacuum cleaner on the market today. It’sIt’s also certified by the Allergy & Asthma Foundation of America.

As for ease of use, it’s effortless to steer because of the ball design, and it turns on a dime. There’sThere’s also an easy hose release, so it’s easy to use the hose quickly and without fuss to clean up, under, besides anything, and get in tight corners. As with the entire line, the dirt bin empties with just one button, so you can open it using just one hand.

Another improvement on previous Dyson models is the lighter weight. Most of the older models weigh in at over twenty pounds, while this is a slimmer 17.35 pounds, making it the lightest weight of Dyson yet.

This model also received the highest score in the JD Power Vacuum Satisfaction Study, which measures customers’ opinions over twelve months.

As for the durability comes with a five-year parts and labor warranty, but this is because it’s engineered to last for ten years. In addition, the Ball Multi Floor has been put through 12,800 hours of testing (including 663 individual tests) to make sure it will last.

How does it compare vs. the DC65?

The Ball is essentially the updated model of the DC65 (review here). It comes with a few fewer attachments (like no pet hair tools) but has upgraded technology.

Is it good for dog hair?

While it doesn’t come with tools designed specifically for pet hair, in review after review, people with pets say it does a great job. One user says she and her husband have two long-haired cats and a dog, and while they don’t usually see too much hair around, she’s astounded at how much is in the collection bin every time she vacuums. Users overall say this model works great on short bristly hair and longer floaty hair that is shed.

How well does it work for long hair?

While the suction is fantastic, so most (even extended) hair gets sucked up, you may find that you still have to cut or untangle some from the roller brush.

How is it for hardwood floors?

While the Multi Floor is excellent for pulling embedded dirt out of carpets, it also lives up to its name and does a great job on hardwood floors as well. The suction is powerful enough to pick up sand from between the boards. Because of the way the cleaner head is designed, it also won’t scratch up your nice hardwoods, and you can turn off the spinning brush to pick up smaller bits like cat litter and food.

Is it suitable for stairs?

With a quick-release hose and a reach of 51 feet, it’s hard to find a full-size vac that will do a better job on stairs. Since it comes with tools made explicitly for stairs, you can clean them in a breeze and not even have to haul the machine up with you.

Are the attachments interchangeable?

Yes, the attachments included with the Multi Floor Ball will work on other Dyson uprights and cordless models and vice versa.

Do I have to replace the filters?

The filters on this model can be washed, and it’s recommended to do so regularly to keep the cleaner working at peak suction. As for how long they last, one user in her review says she’s been using hers every day for over a year, and the filter still looks the same as when it was brand new.

Will it fit under the bed?

Probably not, and you’ll need to use the attachments to clean under the bed and other lower furniture. The Ball is a bit tall, even in the horizontal position.

Does the cord automatically rewind?

This model does not have an auto rewind feature. Instead, you’ll need to wind the cord around the hooks on the back of the unit when you’re finished vacuuming.

How is it for fine dust or ash?

If you’re sucking up fine dust or ash (from a wood stove, for instance), you’ll find this model does a great job. However, finer particles are likely to dirty the filter sooner than larger ones, so keep an eye on it to see when it needs washing.

2. Miele Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog

This is the latest in the long-standing and trusted line of Miele upright vacuum cleaners. It incorporates a brush that follows the contours of any flooring and cleans even deep pile carpet gently but with plenty of power. As for allergies and pet dander and hair, it has a sealed air system that consists of a filter bag and a washable filter that takes over 99.9% of dust, dirt, and allergens out of the air when you’re cleaning. Another plus (whether or not you have pets) is that the filter contains charcoal to absorb and neutralize odors.

This model comes standard with a crevice tool, upholstery nozzle, dusting brush, and a mini turbo brush to get hair, lint, and dirt from the furniture. One of the most excellent features of the Dynamic U1 is the integrated LED headlight that lets you see even the darkest corners.

Miele S7260 Cat and Dog vs Dynamic U1

The Dynamic U1 is the newest version in this line. While it has the same features as the older model, the S7260 is no longer in production.

U1 Jazz vs. U1 Dynamic

These are essentially the same machine; the Dynamic comes with more tools and some explicitly geared toward pet owners, making it more versatile. The other difference is in color. The Jazz is a bright yellow, while the Dynamic U1 is white.

Is it easy to steer and push?

In reviews from users who have been using this Miele, they say that despite the 21 pounds it weighs, it is straightforward to push, pull and maneuver. This is because of what’s called “swivel neck technology.” It means the vacuum is easy to turn and manipulate to go around chair legs and under furniture even though it’s not self-propelled.

Is it low profile?

Generally speaking, this model is low profile enough to fit under most beds in the reclined position. However, you’ll likely find it too bulky to go under the sofa. The front of the cleaner head is about 3” high then tapers up to 5” in the center.

Where is it made?

All Miele vacs are made in Germany.

How is it for cat litter?

It’s great. The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work for this purpose.

Do I need to purchase bags?

Yes – unlike the Dyson, this is not a bagless model. Some people prefer bags because they never have to touch the mess. However, if you prefer bagless, the #1 Dyson is the way to go. One good thing to know is that the standard bags are pretty significant. In fact, after using the machine several times, one reviewer said the bag wasn’t even 20% full, so one is likely to last a good long while.

Can I turn off the brush?

Yes, there is the option to turn off the spinning brush when you’re vacuuming bare floors, so dust doesn’t get flung around.

How is it on long human hair?

Users in review after review say it does a great job at picking up even long human hair. Like most vacuums, you may occasionally cut some of it off the brush roller, but by and large, most of it gets sucked up into the bag.

Do I have to replace the filter?

It is recommended to replace the charcoal filter after about 50 hours (or one year) of use if you want the odor absorption feature to continue. There is a place on the filter where you can write the date to keep track of when You should replace it.

Is the cord retractable?

The cord on this Miele is not retractable. According to the manufacturer, retractable cords have to be shorter in length to fit inside the machine, so on this one, you will need to wind it around the hooks on the back.

Are the tools stored on the machine?

The Upholstery, crevice, and dusting tool mount on the rear of the machine. Unfortunately, there is no place to store the mini turbo brush onboard the vacuum.

How long is the hose?

On the Dynamic U1, the hose is about 10’ when fully extended with the wand.

3. Shark Rotator Professional

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Shark Rotators have been around for a while, and the Clean Shark brand is a longstanding one. This model is the latest in the series and boasts some improvements over previous iterations. It still has the handy lift-away canister and technology designed never to lose suction (on a budget even) and 1200 watts of power.
It also incorporates a sealed allergy system rather than a HEPA filter, and it’s pretty lightweight and quiet. Overall, while it’s not the best vacuum on the market, the Shark Rotator is a good choice if you’re looking for a mid-priced model with versatility.

Video Review

What’s the difference between the models?

The Rotator comes in many different models, including the NV502, NV501, NV500, and even more. The only difference between one and the others is the various accessories and tools included with your initial purchase. Some come with just a brush and crevice tool, and some have an extra-long crevice tool, multi-angle brush, power brush, and even a car detailing kit.

Shark Rotator vs. Bissell 9595 with OnePass

These vacs are very similar, but there’s no doubt the Rotator is so much easier to handle. The Bissell, in comparison (it’s an older model yet still a best seller), is extremely bulky, heavy, and harder to maneuver in comparison.

Is it suitable for stairs?

Yes, it does work well on stairs. However, the hose is on the shorter side (unlike the extended reach of the Dyson and Miele), so you may need to move the machine up as you go depending on how many stairs you have to tackle.

Can I turn off the brush?

Yes, this model has the option to turn off the spinning brush, making it much easier to clean bare floors and not scratch hardwoods.

Does it have headlights?

Yes, that’s one thing the Rotator has in common with the Miele, and it’s a rare feature. This one incorporates an LED headlight in the front of the base so you can see in darker corners with the machine running.

Is it easy to clean?

The dirt container has a snap release button on each side of the canister, which is how you detach it from the central vacuum. To open the canister, there is a latch that you can open with one hand while it’s over the trash can for easy emptying. There’s also a washable filter inside that you should watch when you empty the dirt. First, clean it with warm soapy water if it’s dirty; then allow it to dry completely before putting it back in.

Can I adjust the height?

Unfortunately, there is no adjustment for height. However, you can turn the brush roll off for bare floors. While it still works well on carpet, it may be harder to push on more profound pile rugs since you can’t adjust the height.

Does it work on hardwood floors?

If you get the model with the dust-away attachment or buy one additionally, that works great for removing dust from hardwoods because of the microfiber cleaning cloths. However, the vac alone also does a great job if you turn off the brush roll. The extra microfiber attachments aren’t required, and they work more like a dry mop.

4. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

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The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser upright has incorporated a feature no other vacuum cleaner has – an actual tangle-free brush roll. Instead of manually cutting and pulling even the most extended hair off the brush, Bissell has devised a cutting system that does it for you. If for no other reason, this makes the Pet Hair Eraser a top-rated model, in our opinion.
As if that’s not enough, it’s also a pretty good vacuum behind the fancy new feature. It comes with a nice long wand and pet tools, an LED light, and a sealed allergy system with a Febreze component that removes odors from the air and flooring in your home.

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Is the cord retractable?

A viral question, and the answer is no. While a retractable cord is a convenient feature, it only works with shorter cables, so there is some compromise. Winding it onto the back of the machine does take a minute, but it’s worth it not to have to plug and unplug so often.

Does it work for long hair?

This machine works great for both pet and long human hair. In fact, in review after review, users say it’s the only vac they’ve ever owned that doesn’t get hair tangled around the brush.

Do I have to use the Febreze filter?

This model comes with a Febreze filter and a regular unscented one, so if you’re sensitive to smells and air fresheners, you have the option to use either.

Is it good for reaching?

While it doesn’t have the fifty-foot reach of the Dyson, it does boast an eight-foot hose with an eighteen-inch extension wand, and so you’ll be able to reach most places.

Does the brush turn off?

Yes, you can push a button to turn off the spinning brush, making this an excellent choice for bare floors and carpeted areas.

Will it remove embedded hair?

Users love this vac because they say it’s excellent at removing cat and dog hair from everywhere, including hair that’s embedded into furniture cushions and area rugs.

What about tool storage?

One more significant feature of this unit is that there is room to store all of the tools and attachments on it, so there’s less chance of them getting lost or not being at your fingers when you need them most.

5. Shark Navigator Professional

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The Shark Navigator Professional is a holdover from our “Best Vacuums of 2016” list because it’s still one of the best choices despite new models being released. The price has also come down quite a bit, making it one of the best choices around if you’re on a tight budget. Just because it’s last year’s model doesn’t mean it doesn’t work just as well as some new guys!

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The Navigator features are the lift-away canister for versatility, the dust-away attachments for hardwood floors, a sealed allergy system with a HEPA filter, and a lightweight only 13.7 pounds.

In Shark Navigator Lift-Away reviews, many people who own this powerful vacuum commented that the suction is fantastic, so much so that it is still picking up cat litter and pet food even when the canister is nearly complete. Many people also commented on how easy this best-rated vacuum cleaner is to maneuver and steer. The cord is a perfect length, so you don’t have to keep unplugging it to vacuum a decent-sized area.

Another thing users love is the oversized dust canister. Since it holds over a gallon of debris, it doesn’t need to be emptied nearly as often as those on other vacuums. All of these features contribute to making this model one of the top-rated vacuums. If you’d like to know more, click here for our complete review of the Shark Navigator Professional.

We include this next section because many of the best vacuums of last year are still around, and they’re still excellent machines. You can even get some of them at a reduced cost as refurbished or remanufactured models. So if you’re interested in saving some money just because a model isn’t new, this is an excellent list for reference.

Top HEPA filter Vacuum Cleaners

ModelDyson DC65 Animal CompleteDyson DC40 OriginShark Rotator 3 in 1 ProfessionalShark Navigator Lift Away ProfessionalHoover Windtunnel 3 Pro Pet
Weight (pounds)17.3514.615.815.515.8141715.6
Tools Included– stair tool – combination tool – pet hair turbine tool – Zorb tool – stiff brush – multi angle brush – accessory bag– combination tool – stair tool – instant release wand– turbo brush – crevice tool – car & home detail kit – straight suction nozzle – dusting brush – canister caddy– hard floor attachment – hard floor duster pad – turbo pet brush – dusting brush– pet hair turbo brush – pet upholstery brush – crevice tool
Cord Length35′24.7′30′25′27′
Dimensions47.5″ x 13.4″ 12.2″47.5″ x 13.4″ 12.2″47.5″ x 13.4″ 12.2″45.5″ x 13.2″ x 12.2″
Dust Container Capacity (gallons).55.42.781.11
Power245 Air Watts200 Air Watts10 Amps10 Ams12 Amps
Filterwashable with HEPA filterwashable with HEPA filterwashable with HEPA filterwashable with HEPA filterwashable with HEPA filter
Warranty5 years parts & labor5 years parts & labor5 years limited5 years limited2 years limited

1. Dyson DC65 Animal Complete

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The Dyson DC65 is a new model from Dyson and comes in 3 different versions: The Multi Floor, Animal, and Animal Complete. We chose the complete version as our #1 vacuum because it encompasses everything a vacuum should be and has twice the suction of any other vacuum on the market today.

Of course, it has the patented ball technology, but this model is a step up with a new cyclone design, so it works even better than previous models from the same company. In addition, it has bristles that are shorter and stiffer, so they get into carpet, even if it has a deep pile or shag. No worries with hardwood floors either because the head automatically lifts depending on the surface you’re vacuuming, so the bristles won’t scratch or damage the floor.

The new streamlined design also means there are fewer parts on the outside, which makes it not only look better, but those parts won’t get in your way when using it. It’s also lighter. At only 17.5 pounds, it’s close in weight to other best-rated vacuums, but the weight is distributed differently, so it’s easier to steer – even around furniture and tight corners.

Of course, a bunch of valuable tools is included, including those specialized for removing pet hair. You get a stair tool, combination brush/nozzle tool, turbine tool to scrub off pet hair, a Zorb tool, stiff brush, multi-angle brush, and an accessory bag. If you can’t get a job done with this vast array of accessories, you may as well give up!

The Dyson DC 65 carries about $650, but you can get it cheaper online, usually with free shipping.

See our complete Dyson DC65 Animal Complete review to find out more.

2. Dyson DC40 Origin

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While the DC40 isn’t quite as powerful as the DC65, it’s still much more potent than any other vacuum on our best vacuums list. In addition, of course, it incorporates the patented Dyson Ball technology, making for an excellent slim design that’s very easy to steer. The main difference in this model is that it’s a bit smaller than the DC 65 model, making it a good choice for anyone who doesn’t need a full-size vacuum cleaner. That said, it still packs quite a punch.

Included are a combination dusting brush/crevice tool and a smaller vacuum head-type tool that works great for cleaning stairs. Since this vac has a hose length of over 15 feet, there’s an excellent chance you won’t need to drag it up the stairs at all but use the tool instead to clean them.

Overall, consumer reports are very favorable. In reviews, users love that it is designed in a way that makes it get right up against baseboards and walls, and it’s low profile enough to reach under kitchen cabinets. The suction is also powerful across the cleaner head, making it easier to clean by just going over one area one time rather than repeatedly.

3. Shark Rotator Vacuum

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The Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away 3 in 1 vacuum is a step up from previous Shark vacuum models. For one, they have improved their suction technology, so the machine never loses suction. The new cyclonic technology of this model separates tiny dirt particles from the air, which prevents the dirt from clogging up the filters. This keeps the power steady from the time you take it out of the box until you’ve used it and used it and, well, used it.

It also has a sealed HEPA filter system which grabs 99.9% of dust particles, meaning you’ll be sneezing a lot less because these particles get sucked up into the Shark Rotator instead of blowing them back into the air. One Shark Rotator vacuum review commented that this top-rated vacuum doesn’t kick up dust or leak like other vacuum cleaners. You filled the bin halfway, even after vacuuming with their old unit. The dust in the container is also more refined than what you can see pulled up with other vacs.

For general use, one thing that makes it easier to vacuum is the swivel steering of the Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away. Add headlights, and it’s easy to steer this machine into dark spaces.
One feature this quiet vacuum has that many others don’t is the removable canister. It’s easy to remove, so you can clean stairs or other hard-to-reach areas without lugging around the whole vacuum. The removable canister helps this unit to be one of the best-rated vacuums in its class.

As far as tools, this Shark comes with premium pet tools so you can easily pick up pet hair from both floors and upholstery. You also get a 12” tool for crevices, making it easy to get between those couch cushions and into other tight spaces. An added feature is the dusting brush. Remember when you actually had to dust with a rag, and the dust would fly all over, or you had to spray a nasty chemical on the cloth to make it stick?

Additionally, this Shark Rotator vacuum comes with a handy canister caddy right on the base, so you won’t lose all the excellent attachments it comes with. You can even get an excellent car detail kit, which includes several more tools meant just for vacuuming out your vehicle.

4. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional

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If your budget allows a spend of around $$$ for a vacuum cleaner, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro is one of the best-rated vacuum cleaners. First, it uses the now-so-popular “never loses suction” technology, a near must-have for any new vacuum produced these days. It’s also lightweight and has swivel steering, which has become more critical than ever for upright vacuums.

One convenient feature of this Shark Navigator Lift-Away is the removable canister vacuum. What a great feature, especially if you’re vacuuming stairs!

For those of you with allergies, the sealed HEPA filtration system is something you should seek out in your next vacuum purchase, as it helps eliminate dust in your home. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum has this newer technology along with washable filters, a very convenient and cost-saving bonus.

This Shark Navigator Pro comes with a hard floor attachment specifically designed to help suck up dust for tools. Also included is a large pet brush, which works well to lift pet hair from upholstery. Additionally, you get two different crevice tools: One 8” and one 12”. The last attachment you get is a dusting brush, which helps dust shelves, knick-knacks, and the like.

In Shark Navigator Lift-Away reviews, many people who own this powerful vacuum commented that the suction is fantastic, so much so that it is still picking up cat litter and pet food even when the canister is nearly complete. Many people also commented on how easy this best-rated vacuum cleaner is to maneuver and steer. The cord is a perfect length, so you don’t have to keep unplugging it to vacuum a decent-sized area.

Another thing users love is the oversized dust canister. Since it holds over a gallon of debris, it doesn’t need to be emptied nearly as often as those on other vacuums. All of these features contribute to making this model one of the top-rated vacuums.

Read our complete review

5. Hoover Windtunnel 3 Pro Pet

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If you’re looking for an affordable machine that can still handle pet hair that’s stuck on your furniture, floating around your floors, and embedded into your carpet, the Hoover Windtunnel 3 Pro Pet is worth a look.

First, it perfect suction for such an inexpensive vacuum. It also has some lovely details that are unexpected at this price point.

Like the much more expensive Dyson DC65 Animal, it also has a retractable cord, a feature almost unheard of in a vacuum of this price. It also has five levels of adjustment to clean everything from hardwood floors to deep pile shag carpets.

Unlike many budget vacuums, it does have an option to shut off the brush roll, making it an excellent choice for bare floors that tend to get bits flinging around when a brush roll is spinning.

Other cool features of this Hoover Pro Pet include an indicator that tells you when the filters are dirty so you can wash them and an array of tools that make cleaning easier. First, it comes with a pet tool made out of rubber to rub the hair off upholstery. Also included are a crevice tool, a crevice tool, and an air-powered pet hand tool with a brush.

In Hoover Windtunnel reviews, You noted again and again that the suction is perfect for one of the lower-priced vacuums, and everyone loves the retractable cord. In addition, it is excellent for picking up hair and dirt on hardwood floors and carpets alike. Overall, whether or not you have cats and dogs in the house, the Pro Pet 3 is suitable for various everyday cleaning jobs.

One More to Consider – Dyson DC50 Animal

Even with a hefty price tag, we had to include this in the top-rated vacuums list. It is an absolute monster and in a good way. The bottom line is, if you can afford a $400-$500 vacuum cleaner, this is a great one to buy. It essentially answers the question, “What is the best vacuum cleaner?”… in a more compact model.

What’s the difference between this one and the DC65? Not much. It’s essentially a compact version of the same vacuum.

The Dyson DC50 Animal compact ball upright vacuum have the patented Dyson ball technology. With makes it a dream to steer around (and it’s lightweight anyway), but it also has the 2 tier cyclone, meaning that this highest-rated vacuum will suck up even the tiniest dust particles (and dust mites) in your house.

The Dyson DC50 Animal compact upright vacuum cleaner offers many features you won’t find in cheaper vacuums, such as its self-adjusting base plate. This means you don’t need to make any manual adjustments for carpet or floor height. Instead, it will automatically sense if you are vacuuming bare floors or high pile carpet.

Of course, you would expect attachments for the price tag, and you won’t be disappointed. In addition, the Dyson DC50 comes with Dyson’s patented turbine tangle-free tool for pet hair. This is a brush tool that is designed so hair won’t get would up around it. This is a big deal if you’ve ever had to pick hair out of your vacuum brush.

Also included are a combination tool (great for dusting) and a stair tool. No, you don’t have to lug the vacuum up the stairs either because this machine has a quick-release long-reach wand that collapses back into the hose when you’re done using it.

One of the things that set Dyson apart is their 5-year parts and labor warranty. This means if anything goes wrong in the first five years, they’ll fix it.

In one Dyson DC50 animal review after another, people who have bought this vacuum talk about how incredible the suction is while still being a quiet machine. Another thing users best-rated vacuum: easy it is clean and how the attachments work better than those on other models.

In any vacuum cleaner ratings, Dyson vacuums always get very high marks.

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