Dyson DC39 Animal Review – How Well Does it Perform?

The Dyson DC39 Animal is one of the latest cylinder vacuums from Dyson that utilizes the patented ball technology of the company. First released in 2005, this ball technology houses the unit’s core components. Its surface is smooth to reduce friction while being used and so the components don’t get in your way. It also prevents the unit from plowing into the carpet pile. With the unit’s components, it’s easier to get rid of pet hair, be it from a cat or a dog.

The Dyson DC39 Animal Review

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Pet owners know that even though having a pet can be a wonderful and rewarding addition to life, they sure leave a lot of hair while roaming around the house. Many breeds of dogs and cats shed like crazy, and even if they don’t, you’ll still have plenty of hair to pick up. Their hair isn’t easy to pick up as it combines with other dust particles and dirt, and with some vacuums, it winds around the brush, which you then have to disassemble and cut or pull the hair out. With Dyson DC39 animal canister vacuum, you can effortlessly eliminate animal hair with a lot less mess and fuss. It’s a beautiful machine with plenty of features.

The Dyson DC39 animal canister vacuum cleaner is very similar to the Dyson DC47 Animal, and its performance is equal. The main difference is size. The DC39 is a full sized canister, while the DC47 is very compact.

Dyson DC23 vs Dyson DC39


The Dyson DC39 animal canister vacuum cleaner comes with a few very handy attachments. First is the stair tool, which is essentially a smaller vacuum head that can be of course, used to clean stairs but has other uses as well, especially in smaller areas.

The Triggerhead tool has a powerful brush head that works great on carpet, and the spinning brush can be turned off for hard floors.

One of the star features of this vacuum cleaner, like many Dysons, is that it is so easy to take apart should you get something caught in it. You can also dismantle the attachments with ease to eliminate any hair or debris that may be inside if needed.

The big seller on this vacuum is the tangle free turbine tool, which works miracles on pet hair without it getting all tangled up in the brush. While this vacuum lets you pick up dirt first and foremost, it also takes in piles of pet hair without them getting tangled in the head of the vacuum. This is possible thanks to its turbine tool that you can plug into the wand of the unit allowing the hair to be sucked straight to the canister or the bin.

Because of its smaller size, you’ll need to empty the canister more often than you might with an upright vacuum. This is a concern raised in one Dyson DC39 animal review. However, emptying and releasing the dirt is a simple task, as you’ll only need to push the release button at the top of the unit.

This unit also has a HEPA filter that must be cleaned once a month as part of its maintenance routine. This feature filters out micro-organisms and many allergens so that you won’t be sneezing as much, and it will keep your home cleaner overall.

Just like Dyson DC47, this unit has a long retractable power cord that automatically pulls the cord inside the unit’s body. This is great because you’ll never get stuck winding up the cord manually – just push the button, and it disappears inside the unit. The robust features of this unit also come with a 5-year warranty so you can be sure of its quality.


1. Mini-turbine Head

This vacuum attachment is a must in any home as it can effortlessly pick up dirt and debris without you worrying about hair getting tangled in the brushes.

2. Great maneuverability

Thanks to its ball technology, you can avoid it digging into your carpet. With its central pivot point, it makes it easier for you to pull it around and use it on tight corners. The 5 wheels on the base also help it glide along without tipping over.

3. Comes with a HEPA filter

HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter is a mechanical type of air filter that traps harmful particles, like tobacco smoke, dust mites, pet and dander. This removes airborne particles that may worsen your allergies. With this filter, you can eliminate irritating particles from your home. This is especially useful if you have carpets installed in your house.

4. Adjustable wand and brush

You can adjust the wand into different heights to help you reach and clean difficult areas. With its ball joint attached to the turbine tool head, the wand can automatically adjust and rotate while you’re clearing out dust and hair under the furniture, even the sides of your refrigerator or cabinet.


1. No attachment for hardwood floors

This is one of the complaints of actual users in Dyson DC39 animal canister vacuum reviews. Without such attachment, those dirt particles that stuck on the floor won’t be as easily picked up by this unit.

2. Difficulty cleaning the filter

Although HEPA filter is a beneficial feature of Dyson DC39 animal canister vacuum, it can be a pain to clean it. You’ll have to clean it once a month by rinsing it using cold water. Then, you’ll have to dry it up for 24 hours.

3. Hard-to-understand instruction booklet

One user said the instructional booklet doesn’t include step-by-step instructions on how to properly use this vacuum. However, you can always go to the internet and look for tutorials about this subject. There are many articles and videos available if needed.


We’ll give it 4 stars for all of its features. It’s especially useful for homes with furry friends whose shedding is completely out of control. Also, unlike other vacuum cleaners in this category, Dyson DC39 is very easy to maneuver. Overall, the vacuum cleaner ratings on this unit are high.


The price is a bit steep, but it’s worth your money if you want to invest in a quality full size canister vacuum. This particular vacuum retails for about $500, but you can find this Dyson on sale if you look hard enough. If it’s outside your budget entirely, you may considering buying a Dyson vacuum refurbished instead.

If you’re looking for the best vacuum cleaner to pick up animal hair, then this might be a good unit for you. The technology it uses puts this unit above anything else. As soon as you use it, you’ll be happy with the results. Even if it’s quite expensive for a small unit, you get what you paid for, i.e. an excellent appliance that takes out the amount of work you need to put it when cleaning your home.

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