iRobot Roomba 650 Review – Too Noisy?

The Roomba 650 vacuum cleaner, according to its manufacturer, will automate the vacuuming for you, and for the most part, it does. While the Roomba is being marketed as a pet vacuum cleaner, you can use it to remove dust, dirt and other small items that might be stuck under your couch and other furniture. While it’s gotten a lot of positive reviews, what works for some may not work for you so knowing exactly what the IRobot Roomba can and cannot do is important.

The iRobot Roomba 650 Review

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Ease of Use

The robot is easy to use, and the manual provides step by step instructions as well as a troubleshooting guide. As far as picking up dirt and pet hair goes, the iRobot 650 does the job, although in some cases a bit too well, picking other items every now and then. It also doesn’t have any problems crossing thresholds, and the Virtual Wall Technology does a fine job of notifying the machine of the areas it must not cross.

If you read a Roomba 650 review online it will be apparent that you need to help it get untangled if it gets caught up in a rug. This doesn’t happen often but if it does an error message will appear and you’ll need to start the cleaning cycle anew. Also, as one iRobot Roomba 650 review pointed out, it doesn’t excel in collecting fine debris in floor cracks. Compared to other pet vacuum cleaners though, the Roomba holds up pretty well.

The battery lasts a long time and as noted above will automatically return to base for recharging. The only potential problem is if you use it to clean a very large area, the battery might die out before it can return to base. In that case, you’ll need to pick it up, but that’s hardly an issue.


The cleaner is packed with a lot of features, the highlight being the 3-stage cleaning system which is designed to vacuum hair, pet hair, dirt and debris off laminated flooring, tile, hardwood, and carpets. The 3-stage cleaning system comes with a spinning side brush to clean wall edges while the rotating brushes gather dust, dirt or pet hair off the floor and the vacuum puts the hair and dirt in the bin.

The iRobot 650 uses the company’s AeroVac Technology which optimizes airflow so hair or fur in the cleaner’s brushes are pulled and placed in the AeroVac bin, which results in a more uniform fill and less frequent emptying. In addition, the brush design has been improved in this model so airflow is optimized and hair doesn’t get stuck on the brushes, which is one of the reasons why many pet cleaners fail to work or cause more work than they’re worth.

Another noteworthy feature is the iAdapt Responsive Navigation Technology, a complex system of sensors and software that provides the machine with numerous robotic behaviors at 60 times a second. If you read any Roomba 650 review, this feature is designed to make it easier for the robot to clean rooms and other areas around your house, doing multiple passes each time. Apart from this the cleaner also uses special Dirt Detect sensors to find the dirtier areas in a room. Users love this feature in their reviews.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 13.4 x 3.6 x 13.4 inches
  • Package Weight: 11.8 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 year on robot, 6 months for battery
  • Robot Weight: 7.9 lbs.
  • Color: black
  • Owner’s manual


  • The timer allows you to configure the unit to clean at the same time daily
  • It automatically goes to base for recharging
  • The unit does a good job picking up pet hair, fur, and dirt
  • You can configure the robot so it avoids specific areas of your home
  • The dirt container is easy to empty


There aren’t too many complaints about the Roomba 650, but there are a few users who have had some issues, and it’s good to know about these before you buy. One woman in her review would like to schedule the 650 to vacuum her home more than once per day, and it can’t be scheduled to clean that often. However, you can push the Clean button manually, and it will vacuum every time you do so.

Some users say this handy vac is a little on the loud side. While it is louder than the newer iRobot Roomba 880, it’s still not as loud as a regular push vacuum cleaner. In other words, you probably wouldn’t want it vacuuming your bedroom at night, but during daily activities, the noise won’t drown out everything else.

Consumer Reports

The majority of reviews have been positive, with an overall 4.5 out of 5 stars given, a very high rating. Most of the reviewers say it does a good job collecting dirt and pet hair, and other Roomba 650 reviews say the unit can handle different types of carpets and doesn’t get entangled in electrical cords. Many consumers agree that it is quite expensive compared to others but as far as cleaning goes it does the job.

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On the other hand, there are more than a few reviews complaining about the noise, and some people say that for the price, it should be able to clean under tables and chairs more effectively. There are also a few reviewers who say the robot sometimes gets lost and has difficulty finding the base when cleaning a large area.

Based on the various Roomba 650 reviews it seems the unit is one of the best when it comes to cleaning rooms and large areas. As most consumers report, the unit doesn’t have any problems picking up dirt in areas up to 1000 sq. ft., so it should suit most people.


If you’re looking for convenience, it’s hard to pass up on this one. Compared to other cleaners, it’s easy to use and the built-in timer is very convenient. Aside from the push-button controls, the on-board scheduling allows for presets 7 times a week, which is better vs. other pet vacuum cleaners. Basically what you’re looking for in these devices is ease of use, convenience, reliability, and dependability, and for the most part, the unit delivers in those aspects.

The robot isn’t perfect, and one reviewer said that it accidentally swallowed a USB cord. But it won’t be an issue if you get these items out of the way before using the iRobot Roomba. The instructions are very clear and if you run the thing within its limits, there should be few problems. This is a good buy and a good value.

If you want the latest and greatest and it’s in your budget, spring for the newer roomba 880 model, as it does have some extra features.

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