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Hi, if you are looking for a robot vacuum to reduce the workload of cleaning your house. We’re sure you’ll like the irobot brand. We have described Roomba 805 vs 860 here.

You may also need one that helps clean your home. Or if you want to spend more time with loved ones at home and clean up. You are lucky, brand vacuums will solve your home cleaning problem.

The irobot Roomba 805 vs 860

In this post, we try to pointing out the pros and cons, of the two most popular iRobot products. That’s are the Roomba 805 and the Roomba 860.
Reading this comparison and review of the two essential vacuum cleaner.

Especially if you need an accurate and precise assessment of these models before you make a buying decision.

Not only that, but we will also be discussing the similarities, as well as the differences between these two models. Keep reading if you want to know more.

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Similarities the Roomba 805 vs Roomba 860

  • Belonging to the robotic vacuum family created by iRobot. Both the Roomba 805 and the 860 have the same circular design. Just like any other traditional robotic vacuum models.
  • Both models feature the iAdapt Navigation technology, the AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System, tangle-free extractors, Lithium-Ion batteries, and convenient scheduling.
  • The iAdapt Navigation technology helps the robot vacuum navigate. At the same time, it adapt to different kinds of floors including tiles, carpethardwood floors, and a lot more.
  • Both the Roomba 805 and the 860 also feature the AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System. Which incorporates three technologies that effectively delivers the ideal balance of debris extraction and vacuum suction. In addition, this technology allows the robot vacuum to completely get rid of dirt, dust, and debris.
  • They also feature the tangle-free extractors, which grab and break down debris and dust from any type of floor. And as the name suggests, it does its job without hair tangles. To add, this feature works best for people who suffer from problems with their respiratory tract.
  • These robot vacuums are both equipped with Lithium-Ion batteries. Which prolongs the device’s battery life while not requiring you to recharge it as frequently.
  • Lastly, both the Roomba 805 and the 860 are a bit pricey. Which makes them suitable for medium to high-income families.

Differences of the Roomba 860 vs 805

Both the Roomba 805 and the Roomba 860 have their own pros and cons, based on their individual features. We do hope that after you have read this section. You will now be able to find the perfect vacuum model to add to your household.


Nowadays, consumers are not only considering a vacuum cleaner’s most significant features such as price or cleaning ability. But they are also likely to purchase a product that has a unique design. Both the Roomba 805 and the Roomba 860 have head-turning appearances. Most of their buyers are pleased with what they can offer.

  • Roomba 805 – This iRobot vacuum is only available in black and it comes with a canister design. The device is pretty lightweight, weighing only around 8.4 pounds and is highly portable. Overall, the Roomba 805 can run around your home with only limited mistakes.
  • Roomba 860 – The Roomba 860, on the other hand, is only available in silver, making it a lot more special and elegant than the previous model. It is slightly larger than the Roomba 650 in terms of size and its button organization also differs. With these qualities, the Roomba 860 attracts consumer attention while raising more curiosity. In addition, its dimensions also are an advantage. As it can reach even the hard to access areas in your home. Lastly, it comes with an extra HEPA filter, which effectively traps fine particles.

Cleaning Capability

When you are looking for a piece of cleaning equipment to add to your household. The vacuum’s cleaning capability would be considered as the most important feature to watch out for. As with any other product, you should consider buying an alternative. If it does not meet at least your minimum requirements for a vacuum. Now, let’s talk about these two smart vacuum cleaners.

  • Roomba 805 – This vacuum model features a soft-touch bumper used to detect any obstacles and walls. Allowing it to slow down to prevent damaging the walls and furniture. To add, it is equipped with the AeroForce High-Efficiency filter that captures 99% of pollen, particles, and allergens. It also has a spinning side brush that effectively pushes small particles and debris into the cleaning system’s path. Its dimensions measure 18.2 x 16.5 x 5.5 inches and it only weighs 8.4 pounds. Lastly, it can automatically adjust to cover surfaces including tiles, carpets, and hardwood floors.
  • Roomba 860 – The Roomba 860, on the other hand, is the brand’s answer for enhancing the Roomba 805’s cleaning abilities. It features 5x more power, and improved sensing capability, a concentrated cleaning system, and 3x more battery life. The model not only can operate with minimal mistakes. But it can also handle different kinds of surfaces and can clean out dirt, pet hair, and dust. Its dimensions measure 13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches and it only weighs 8 pounds.

It can concentrate more on a specific working area, making it spotless. While it is admittedly not as powerful as the traditional vacuum cleaner. The brand has the solution of making it do more passes over the floor. Just to ensure that no dust and dirt is left behind. Perhaps the biggest flaw of the Rumba 860 is that reaching every corner of your home can be very challenging. Somehow, this is very understandable, due to its circular design.

Consumer Feedback and Ratings

Feedback and ratings from actual buyers is a big deal. Especially if you are thinking of buying a robotic vacuum cleaner. Here’s what people had to say about the two models:

  • Roomba 805 – Most of the buyers were contented and satisfied with the Roomba 805’s results. While there may be very minimal misses on trips around their houses. It still was able to do a great job of getting their floors clean and spotless. In fact, the reviews have also mentioned that they enjoy watching this robotic vacuum cleaner do its job. However, as expected from a circular robotic vacuum, it can easily get stuck on obstacles, making it not as effective as the upright and other traditional vacuum cleaners.
  • Roomba 860 – Generally, the Roomba 860 received a lot of good reviews on Amazon. Some buyers commended this robotic vacuum cleaner as the best one they have ever purchased and they are also very happy with their investment. The Roomba 860 was also praised a lot because of its amazing cleaning performance. However, as with any other product, it has its drawbacks. One review stated that this vacuum does not work well with getting rid of loose pet hair.


While both the Roomba 805 and the Roomba 860 are already considered a bit pricey. Than other robotic vacuums out on the market now, you will find the former less expensive by up to $100. Therefore, it will be suitable for most medium to high-income households. However, with each of their outstanding features, you would certainly get great value for the money you paid for it.


Now that we have discussed the comparison between the Roomba 805 and the Roomba 860. It is now up to you to decide which one of the two works best for you. Both vacuums deliver great performance but when it comes to the price, it may certainly lead you to a crossroads. Just remember to evaluate very carefully to come up with a wise buying decision.

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