Bissell Zing Bagless vs Bagged Canister Vacuum Review

If you’re looking for a small, convenient bagless canister vacuum at a very affordable price, the Bissell Zing may be a good choice. It’s designed to be multi-surface, so it can go from carpet to hardwood floors or linoleum and back again by just flipping a switch.

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Best Loved Features

One of the things we like about this little Bissell bagless canister is that it incorporates a three-stage filtration system, meaning the dirt goes through 3 different types of filters before ending up in the dirt container. It’s also a plus that all the filters are washable and reusable.

One thing we wouldn’t expect to see on such a budget model is one big convenience, and that’s an automatic cord rewind. At the touch of a button, the cord gets sucked back into a cubby inside the machine, so there is no winding for you to do.

As for style, the Zing comes in 2 similar colors: Blue and Caribbean Blue. Caribbean Blue is lighter in color and is more festive and bright.

Daily Use

This is one very lightweight, compact canister that’s not only easy to move but also easy to carry around. It has a convenient carrying handle incorporated and comes with a multi-surface nozzle to clean any flooring. The cleaning head lies flat to get under furniture with limited space underneath.

The brush roll-on/off feature is great, especially if you clean small particles like kitty litter off hardwood floors. Having the ability to turn off the brush roll means those small bits won’t get flung around instead of sucked up into the unit. Also, since it’s bagless, you’re saved on the added expense of buying bags regularly.

It comes with a nice long extension wand and a combination crevice tool and dusting brush, so it works well in hard-to-reach places like cleaning your ceiling fans, blinds, or even exhaust vents in the bathroom or your furnace return vent. The wand detaches easily from the vacuum cleaner and the cleaning head, making the attachments easy to use and remove. You can also use the extension hose in Space Bags or other vacuum bags to draw out the air for more compact storage.

Regarding cleaning the unit, the dirt bin is easy to empty and only has one button to push, so you need to hold it over the trash can and let it go. Cleaning out the brush bristles is also fairly simple. There is only one strip of follicles, so it’s easy to reach in and pull out any hair or debris that has become entangled.

Bagged Version

This best-selling canister vac also comes in a bagged version, which many people prefer simply because they don’t have to deal with dirt and dust at all when emptying the dirt container in the bagless model. The bagged and bagless models are on sale for around $$, so both are a really good deal.

Tools & Accessories Included

  • Dirt cup
  • Crevice & dusting tool
  • Automatic cord rewind
  • Air flow regulator


  • Power: 9 amps; 110 volt
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Cleaning path width: 10.1”
  • Cord length: 15” with automatic rewind
  • Filters: 3 washable
  • Extension hose length: 5’9” (almost 6 feet)
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • User Manual


  • Small & lightweight
  • Low profile to get under furniture
  • Nice long extension hose
  • Good power for an even better price


There are a few complaints that users have come up with in their reviews of the Bissell Zing bagless canister vacuum. First and foremost, the cord is pretty short. Fifteen feet isn’t very long, so you may need to use an extension cord depending on how your home is set up.

Another concern one review brought to mind is that it doesn’t incorporate a HEPA filter. While this is true, that’s not a feature we’d expect with a cheaper budget vacuum like this Bissell. While it does seem to do a fairly decent job on pet hair, you won’t find a HEPA filtration system as you’d see in one of the Dyson canister vacs like the DC39 Animal. Remember, though. It also doesn’t have a hefty price tag.

Overall, users agree in their reviews that the Zing is a pretty good little vacuum cleaner, but it does a better job on bare floors vs. carpet. This is true of most canister vacuums, as they don’t have the weight to dig into deeper pile carpet but do just fine on a shorter pile like indoor–outdoor carpeting.

Bottom Line

While it’s no Dyson DC39 or 47, the Zing does have its place if you’re on a tight budget. It has all the basic components of a good canister vacuum and a few extra touches, like the automatic cord retractor. If you need a good little vac and have a variety of surfaces to clean up and dust, this Bissell canister vacuum cleaner is a good investment.

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